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  1. I believe the md5 error occurs when the game is loading the world and finds a corrupt block so it resets the area surrounding said block. Therefore you're fine until you try loading again, just make sure you go straight to the game file screen and delete the local save before restarting and you should be fine, although i have heard it can still occur i've not had any problems in the past year or so,.......
  2. I believe the console doesn't run the games off of the disc anyway, it's only used to transfer the data to your hard drive so that wouldn't work. I have read that playing the game in 'offline mode' on the console should work because the game won't save to the cloud, and the md5 error occurs because of a clash between the local and cloud save this might be the solution?
  3. I use the seed "Ergoproxy" it has plenty of towns, with a small section of wasteland only and no large bodies of water to worry about, the terrain is free from extreme cliffs so using the bike is trouble free.
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