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  1. The issue is caused by the font Agency removed from the game. I edited all files for both Hud and UI mods and removed all references to the font and it works. Doesn't look nice because the default font is bogger but works.
  2. I got the new version, installed and continued my game. When looked ad new skills and perks tabs everything was set to zero. Can that be the UI doing or just a coincidence?
  3. I need your opinion guys. You are more experienced and know what works and what not After b119 update my saves from previous release stopped working. Was streaming yesterday and had to restart the word. I've been also recording for YT and expecting that I will have to ditch that one and restart too. So question is: is is better to have two separate series progressing, one on YT and one for streaming only? Or having one series, record a bit and stream it as well? With my life I can't expect to be able to do more than 3 pieces if content a week. One or two series? What do you thin
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