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  1. Do we have to hash over this stuff EVERY major release folks? The Fun Pimps are trying very hard to find a good play balance. If it was easy, they would have been finished long ago. I don't agree with some of the choices TFP have made over the years, but in most ways that is irrelevant. Someone who has over a 1000 hours in 7DTD is REALLY pushing the edges of what a single game can hope to offer as a challenge, regardless of genre and practically any other metric. Yes, the game is still a work-in-progress. This "it hasn't gone Gold yet" angst that IMO simmers just b
  2. Madmole: You didn't happen to record that session did you? Wouldn't mind seeing it if so. Sounds really intense.
  3. I used to favor a start (staying briefly) in the Desert biome, but now... not so much. They have changed the Yucca plant so that eating them has a 7% chance of sickness (fair enough), so no more free ride to a full stomach and thirst. Aloe is nice to have so you can make useful health items. Wood can be a bit harder to accumulate, more time involved as a single location is v. likely smaller yield-wise. Making the Yucca Juice takes a jar of water now also, so while still v. useful, again, no more free ride to be had here. VULTURES. Oh, man, these are a royal pain-in-the-arse. Once they start
  4. The latest driver fixes this issue for me as well. PLAYABLE!
  5. I have the same issue with my RX 5700 XT. This is not the only game that does the "snow" artifacting, as I call it. Transport Fever 2 has the same in-game ground snow. AMD just needs a better software driver team. I am sure they are hiring or have for this, but time is not on their side. Soon people will start abandoning the cards. I just started 7DTD up again and remembered why I stopped playing. The snow is really distracting unfortunately. I don't believe this is a Pimps issue, but I could be wrong about that. One thing for you AMD GPU guys to try is called DDU. It helps automate uninsta
  6. 7DTD: Direction and Meta concerns with Alpha 17+ Obviously it is still early to be critiquing the latest build, but some general trends are making me uneasy about the direction that 7DTD is headed. Below are some concerns I personally have about the game's direction based on the changes in the last couple Alpha releases and A17 development. 1. POIs: So, are the majority of buildings going to require a massive effort (time/health/supplies) and close quarters (now highly lethal) combat just to hopefully find some halfway useful loot? Or is it only going to be Houses? I sure hope the old st
  7. I have learned (the hard way) that human nature being what it is, those 10%ers out there sit at home looking and lurking, just waiting for someone to give them an open door so they can Grief. I suppose it fills our base need to have power over others with no consequences. Most people have developed enough super-ego to restrain themselves. Still, Griefing doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about our long-term future. I only see more opportunities for those with less-than-stellar psyches to inflict their whims on an unprepared populace.
  8. Hmm. If memory serves LSC, Madmole said they are shooting for end of 2018-ish for beta. Of course, at 54, my memory doesn't always serve me well, so... take it with a good, health dose of salt.
  9. ** gulp ** After reading the latest faatal AI update I now realize that THIS release is far and away going to be the one to forever change the game. Here we naive players were thinking the big updates in the past were "game changers". Yeah, right. What fools we were. Once the fine tuning is done, 7DTD is going to be downright difficult- to survive for any length of time. So many tricks and loopholes have been undone or fixed that I am really starting to wonder if it's going to become almost too hard? That remains to be seen of course, but Pimps, you got this guy shakin' in his boots w
  10. Roland: Just a shout out to you for creating the Pimp AI thread, a real flash of genius there. I don't hover here near as much these days, just too busy. So I really appreciate a place to catch up on developments in AI. Keep up the great moderation bud! Cheers, Grifter Thanks and you're welcome! --Roland
  11. I figure with the per-capita bacon content in everything these days, you gotta be smelling bacon, besides you're in Texas!
  12. Thanks Roland... I needed my dose of daily laughter. LOL!
  13. Agreed Joel - thanks for a huge boost of awesome sauce. Nice to know the AI is ISO-approved!
  14. I would imagine Laz that this whole revamp of skills and all its associated "stuff" has taken an enormous amount of Pimps brainwave function manhours to ponder, poke, peruse, pontificate and otherwise muck-around with as of late. But since they seem to be systematically altering the game modules to suit an overriding scheme (theme?), I am mostly confident that a better solution is in the immediate future for 7DTD. It is an interesting nut to crack for sure. More or less scraping a major subsystem wasn't done lightly I am certain. Color me curious. As for me, I would like to see anothe
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