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  1. Yes , This is one of my public xbox gamer tags. I have had over 8 games on the xbox port since release, I have also servived hardcore ( perma death) to 372 days. Though that was a phase of just saying the " Could I make it 'ingame' one year and live to tell the tale. I have had pvp maps and since the last few updates since a few friends are now having connection problems, pvp has been shelved. I now run a single multiplayer Nav map. if I find a bug I try to find the trigger. other then that it is to just have fun. I am currently somewhere around day 80 plus. I will not stand for any dupping. it ruins the game people. And no I have not yet found a set of calipers so ammunition is ether salvaged or looted. I am well armed , but melee is my go to come hoard day. I have a few others that play from time to time. I am East coast US. and I try to play with out interruptions, as a family man I can tell you " LIFE DOSEN'T HAVE SEATBELTS!" . So when I have to hit the breaks to handle things in life, be prepared for the stop lol. My game is always open to anyone that wants to come in and have a look around. So good luck survivors. We're going to need it.
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