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  1. how do you read the error logs? where would the actual error be in there? cause i do get this "Detail rendering shaders not found for the active render pipeline, falling back to default shader" which i dont know what it means but eh, can someone read these and tell me? im not sure how to send something so long any help would be great
  2. I have done everything everyone told me to do, i was able to get into the game but the memory hung at 14kmb-16kmb and then crash, i tried a smaller map and the memory stayed at around 10k-13kMB then i got back on my 18.2 version and it stayed at 7kMB to 10kMB and its a medium sized map the only thing i ever done on the version 18.3 DF was change some graphic settings and then it would crash, im doing DF map Medium4 name Touchies18 and again i tried everything you said i tried the page filing different ways turned graphics low (seems to run better) i deleted my save (made a backup) i installed
  3. Tried Everything well i tried just about everything, i deleted so many files moved some things around and still game crashes, i did notice my GPU usage jumps to 100% but i can run A18.2 version for DF with no problems at all nothing happens no major lag or anything, it has to be the mod then right? i cant find the crash logs anywhere, i have 16 gig memory im running a fairly old machine i only have a i7-4790k cpu its fairly old as i said i dont have money to upgrade at all, im so broke the rats are laughing at me its all them damn medical bills, but anyway i found a great map and dont want
  4. even if i have the game and mod installed on a separate drive it will give me the error? i downloaded a program to show my memory usage and when DF is loading it caps my memory at 16000mb so i dont think its my computer its the mod needing so much memory
  5. Wont Run or stay running i have had a problem with the new version of the mod for A18.3 i uninstalled it 4 times deleted it 4 times and it just crashes to desktop, then i downloaded the mod and manually installed it and the actual install stopped and said out of room, after a while i got it installed and it worked for 5 minutes before getting the "out of memory" error so i gave up, maybe someone here can help me!.
  6. What about instead of gun parts and finding whole guns everywhere, you have gun cleaning kits to repair the guns and the only place to find gun are military bases and police stations and gun stores, but limited amounts, having gun parts right now plus finding weapons everywhere it get overwhelming, you can have a storage box full of pistol parts enough to make 50 pistols, who needs 50 pistols when you can repair them and they never lose durability, also when you watch zombie movies a crowed of zombies will follow you and try and eat you but once they cant see you they stop moving, and in some
  7. i cant download any of these and im sad lol
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