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  1. You know, I usually just check here in from time to time just to see if there is any news about the console edition… not even bothering to post anymore. As you said, the discussion is over. I already removed the game from my XB1 and I have no hope that there will be any reason for me to reinstall this trainwreck again. It just isn't playable on Xbox with the MD5, since I have better things to do with my time than rebuilding a base of operations that gets reset frequently. However, the "wholly ungrateful lot" fanboi remark just ticks me off. I have paid for this game and therefor I have all the right to complain about a not working ****, as do the rest of the people here. Should I be thankful about this forum? Should I be thankful about a glitchy ***? Plz help me here cause I'm confused. They could've AT LEAST make the game playable again by adding a manual save, if all other options are "too expensive". Now I'm stuck with a game, which is still being sold on Xbox Marketplace for a whopping 34,99, that just isn't playable and when I look on the forum I see a moderator telling me I should be thankful for it? Dude… nice moderating.
  2. Well my 2 cents into this.... I don't really care for a big update tbh. I just wanted the game to become playable again. I am an xbox gamer and I kept getting screwed over by the "MD5" progress killing bug which stopped me from playing this game. Adding a manual saving option would make me come back. It's a fun game as it is already but the bug destroyed my pleasure in the game. Wouldn't cost millions to just add that in. And yeah, I read the workaround but it is, from personal experience, not 100% preventing my save from getting corrupted.
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