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  1. All Irradiated Zombies. One cooling tower partially collapsed into another one, creating a mountain of rubble that lets you reach the top of the second cooling tower. The rod pool being devoid of water and filled to the brim with irradiated feral wights. A secret underground portion used to experiment on radiation treatments for the zombie plague, with a hidden wall safe containing a guaranteed rad removal mod and schematic (similar to the sham can in sham factory). Found only in Wasteland biome.
  2. I'd settle for a chicken farm POI that you can get plenty of feathers, eggs, and rotting flesh from. Heavily inhabited by predators, including zombie vultures, dogs, maybe even some wolves. Call a Tier 2 quest perhaps?
  3. This obviously would be an idea for the far future, probably after actual game release, but what about a limited in size biome dedicated to boss fights/toughest challenge for those who are brave enough? Like the entire biome would be covered in a green irradiated fog that detracts one health per minute (counter-able with the regeneration skill), the topsoil is zombie plant ooze that cuts your normal movement in half, vehicles also take damage over time. In addition to a few "boss" zombies that can only be found in this biome (like say a Zombie T-Rex), other unique Zombie foes can be found here
  4. Speaking of exploits, do hatch elevators still work or did they finally patch them out? EDIT: Nevermind I remember that they did.
  5. I seem to recall the Gazebo Garden occasionally having some pumpkins to harvest, but yeah it seems like I get the most pumpkin seeds out of trash piles.
  6. I think it'd be neat to have upgraded versions of each of the workstations that could be powered either by electricity or just consume half again the amount of fuel as the basic versions but in turn have double the input/output speed before any other modifiers apply, such as skills or, as in the case of the forge, mods. The workstations would also be larger and require more materials to make but would look more stylish and advanced, giving your base a more "I/we've made it so much farther along" kind of look. Forge > Blast Furnace (Powered by either Electricity or Coal) - 2x2x
  7. Well you can already mount blade traps on walls. Just create a couple of existing holes in the wall that either have blade traps or, if you want to be really mean, have a shotgun turret positioned 1 block away.
  8. Probably would use a Blast or Electric Arc Furnace to Smelt them. Should probably be a trace element type find in ores when mining, similar to the book that gives you gems on a rare chance. Also could find trace amounts in Secret Stash or the big loot boxes with high loot levels, or Trader with 5/5 Barter. Rather than making tools and armor with it, how about Titanium Plate mod for armor that reduces weight/stamina loss while keeping durability and rating the same, and Titanium Grip Mod for the weapons for the same purpose?
  9. If the Devs wanted to extend the primitive ages a little further, the Copper and Bronze ages could be introduced with the mining of Copper and Tin, with Zinc added in as well. Tools and Weapons could be made from Copper and then Bronze Ingots after both Copper and Tin are smelted together. You could then have a line of books where secondary products are made from these materials, such as Batteries from Zinc, Cans from Tin, Electronic Parts from Copper (and Scrap Plastic), and then the end of series book collection reward is the ability to create Brass from Zinc and Copper.
  10. Well if you want to go a step farther you could introduce copper, tin, and zinc deposits into the game and then have the ability to create bronze and brass through smelting. That way if you wanted to expand the early game even farther you could have "Copper" and "Bronze" Ages bridging the gap between the "Stone" and "Iron" Ages.
  11. A potential stand-in for the time being would be a fetch quest that you turn in to a different trader.
  12. 1) Was Dishong Tower removed from the game? Seem to recall something about some of the buildings being removed a while back and haven't found one yet in the latest playthroughs. 2) Does it seem like screamers trigger a lot more easily in T5 Quests versus the other Tiers or just in general? Had a constant stream of screamers and associated zombies following me on my way through the Shotgun Messiah Factory on a Clear Mission.
  13. Until they fix the traders right now you can basically "skip" the stone age insofar as weaponry goes by getting large stacks of bullets as a quest reward and usually you'll be able to buy a level one version of the associated firearm for 400 Dukes in the Secret Stash, regardless of what your bartering level is, which is a T1 Quest Reward plus selling one or two looted Blunderbusses.
  14. Some might find that POI to be a tad unbearable. I'll usually aggro them downstairs and hit them with a pipe bomb or grenade when they're trying to climb outside. Even if it doesn't kill them they'll usually ragdoll long enough to finish them off with a potshot or two.
  15. Feel free to tack on your own instances of this happening, but it never occurred to me that you could smelt cobblestone rocks in the forge. Suddenly hitting up those cobblestone pallets doesn't seem like a time/space waste anymore once you're in the age of concrete.
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