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  1. Any hopes and/or fears regarding the console edition is based on knowledge that is now nearly a year old. Either way, its speculation at best. At worst, with Twitter posts popping up and getting deleted from TFP saying both they regret the console version, and yet don't want to lose the console community, it's really hard to say what the future, if at all, holds for this game. To close off the main thread from the few people that still posted on it siting the negative nature of the conversation as the reason, and then making a brand new post so that we can continue the conversation seems to me to be a flexing of unnecessary forum powers. Granted the announcement post should have been closed last year, when became clear that there would be no further updates until after the TT bankruptcy hearings of earlier this year. New announcements should be made in new threads, but what so I know? The stark silence over a year after the last update we received speaks volumes. If the Fun Pimps cared at all for the console market, they would have at least shot out a brief update after the hearings even if it was just to say "We have not forgotten the consoles. We are still working toward getting updates rolling." Or, "Sadly, due to unavoidable legal ramifications, we will be unable to continue console support." Instead, we are in the dark. It makes it hard for me to justify giving the game disk space. I mean why should I give space to a game owned by a developer when it feels like they got what they wanted from me and now they're done?
  2. There is not going to be a change in the draw distance as that is a locked "feature" pre-programmed for the console version. Meaning, while it is an option that can be changed on PC, it's fixes on console to conserve memory.
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