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  1. a19 thoughts: GOOD * More weapon variety. * More types of POIs. * Not needing to waste points on science just to make ammo. MIXED * Zombie falling animations are neat and add realism although it seems impossible to hit them while their in that state. I've tried with multiple melee and ranged weapons. Same goes now for when their getting up from being knocked down..only headshots seem to connect. BAD * The zombie teleport has got to go. When they get up from being knocked down they routinely teleport a block or two either to
  2. So the forest biome appears to be missing a little something: small stones. Traveled throughout one extensively and couldn't find a single pebble.. As soon as I reach a different biome their all over the place as usual. I'm hesitant to report as a bug because it seems so weird. Anyone else encounter this?
  3. Completely unimpressed with the graphics now - they look worse in every way. Colors are completely cartoonish and unrealistic. Everything looks grainy and many textures are just flat-out broken. Frankly it almost looks like software rendering. FPS is significantly reduced at all detail levels.
  4. I just want to add my voice to the throng of people affected by junk turrets falling through surfaces in POIs. For me its happened with almost every kind of tile that isn't ground. It has happened with full-size concrete such as the ones making up a porch of an apartment tower or the "lip" off a roof that extends outward a space further than the building below it. Sometimes I can dig them out from under the lowest non-ground surface of the POI and sometimes their gone forever. This is really annoying when its a L6 turret since, if the Turrets Syndrome skill descriptions are accurate, you c
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