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  1. This is where I get confused, if it's a sandbox - let players play as they wish and ruin their own experience? By taking away some players ENJOY the game it almost feels like how someone is allowed to have fun is being dictated. There's several ways to cakewalk 7days but it's up to players to decide how they want to approach the challenges.
  2. So 7days is pretty front loaded with that most of the challenge in the early game and very little to work on late game. I've noticed on servers that many players will disappear once they get to about level 100 but have also noticed that most people mention restarting about day 50-100 in single player. So I'm curious, when do you feel like you've "completed" a run? At what point do you consider yourself "finished" with a save game/server/build/character? For myself I play far longer than most, with my time dwindling down based on server activity. Once all the players I know disappear I tend to hang around for a period longer before giving up. No relation between time and level as I have multiple level 200+ characters and one of the servers is around 2500 (but I'm not actively playing there anymore).
  3. I can't remember who first said it but I remember a GDC speaker saying "players will optimise the fun out of games", meaning that once players find an effective solution they'll choose to do the simplest most efficient approach, even if it's something they hate (ie repetitively running the same building for hours, just because someone has mathed the odds that it has the best drops). I DEFINITELY believe there are multiple perks that are top tier to the point of being necessary and others that are so subpar no one in their right mind would/should put points into them.
  4. You're twisting my words, even if we multiplied the sniper rifle capacity to match the M60 (a factor of x6), it would still be slower and more innaccurate so I don't know how you can construe that as being an M60. You haven't really posed a solution, so it's hard to see your point here. Hyperbolic but would actually make it usable...
  5. Increasing the magazine does not make the sniper rifle a machine gun by any stretch, what I'm arguing for is the weapon to be buffed in a way so it's viable/comparable because maybe each weapon class should be viable? Remember the AK/M60 has almost the same range as the sniper rifle, superior magazine, superior rate of fire and is more accurate in both hip AND aimed fire. The SMG is almost as good but with a shorter range but higher ammo cap, fire rate, better silencer performance, higher accuracy and perks makes it out dps the M60. Right now the rifles are distinctly dominant in NO AREAS, I think that's a major problem. The rifles do about 80 to 120 per shot, which with headshots sometimes kills normal zombies but can take anywhere between 1-6 headshots to kill a radiated zombie. The other glaring issue is an unmodified Marksman takes 6 seconds to shrink to the smallest reticule AND has the biggest expansion after a shot (it's also unusable in hip fire). So if you're doing the math it could take 6 seconds to fire 1 accurate shot or another 6 seconds to land as many headshots required to kill that zombie, if you're shooting a radiated zombie biker it would require you to land 6 perfect headshots, taking 36 seconds to kill one zombie! (most other firearms take about 3 seconds to shrink to their minimum crosshair size...) So if the distinct handling and usage of the sniper rifle is that it's supposed to be @%$*#!... then that's been solidly achieved and I'll shut up.
  6. I've read this post multiple times and I don't understand the reply. I read this as: The magazine capacity is NOT a problem It's too hard to polish up the gun mechanics so it's not going to be changed It's easy to change magazine sizes but we're not going to do it until we polish up gun mechanics? Or we could do it and it'd be easy, but simply won't. My belief is all of it needs improving especially magazine capacity. A bandaid fix would be to up the capacity until the more difficult mechanics are fixed.
  7. Start a new save and limit yourself only to the hunting rifle and marksman for your ranged weapon. Do a few horde nights (without resorting to explosives) and come back with your opinions, I have 3 level 150+ perception characters and I can tell you they are seriously underperforming. A new T3 rifle does not fix the problems with the dps, game mechanics and game balance of the rifle series weapons. I hope that the T3 sniper can accept the drum mag because it's probably the best mod in the game. I like the feel of bolt actions too, but there are many bolt action rifles out there with magazines. Would making the hunting have a 3-5 magazine cap break it? Would letting the markmans rifle accept the drum mag (for a total of 15-20 rounds in magazine) be over the top? If they're not going to fix the auto reload/rescope prolems then these QoL would make the rifles branch so much nicer. At some point the game needs to focus on endgame content and optimisation. An extra gun isn't going to inspire players to stay on servers past level 100, nor is it going to stop players from getting bored once they have an effective horde base.
  8. Please don't nerf Airdrops... A18.4 is the first time in a LONG TIME that airdrops have actually been worth going for. It was somewhere around A16 when they seemed decent but even now they're not particularly useful past a certain point.
  9. Any rebalancing to the hunting rifle, marksman and magnum? Right now they feel severely underpowdered, clumsy and slow. If we compare the hunting rifle to the pistol, AK and even the double barrel, it feels slow and clumsy due to the aim mechanics (auto reload/auto rescoping/slow reticule shrink) this makes the player a sitting duck because they can't react due to being forced to both reload and rescope after a single shot. The hunting rifle you get a single shot, which might kill if you if that headshot didn't kill. With a pistol and the ak a good player can kill multiple zombies, even the shotgun is easily a 1 shot kill on MULTIPLE zombies and comes with 2 shots. The marksman just feels under powered as the player skill to headshot is pretty high and the reticle takes so long to focus (as compared to the pistol/smg/ak/m60). I can kill things at marksman rifle ranges using the m60, with the drum mag I easily average over 60 headshots a reload. Compounded is the shooting through multiple zombie skill is nearly useless due to being incredibly situational. Unless a player has a specialised tunnel during hordes and is body shotting zombies (a massive no no due to magazine caps), the ability to shoot through multiple zombies is situation to the point of being near useless. I haven't done the math but I'm sure if someone has the DPS numbers for the guns, the hunting rifle and marksman must be near the bottom. Finally it's not uncommon for a hunting rifle/marksman headshot to NOT kill on a headshot. With the severly restrictive magazine caps, reload times and not having access to the drum mag the rifle really needs a boost to be competitive.
  10. I use a stapler on my left mouse button with a pick/sledge aimed at the safe. It's not fun but gets the job done and is cost effective, it's actually a good way to spend the nights in early game when going out would normally be a death sentence and most players just AFK till morning.
  11. I disagree with the notion that struggling for food/water should be a prevailent thing through out the whole game. It's currently not really that fun Repeating a not fun gameplay loop is x2 not fun I'd rather spend my time doing actually stuff like driving vehicles, building amazing bases, completing quests This is negative reinforcement, no benefits for having fullness over 100% but the instant either our food or water drops below 100% we immediately suffer consequences. Join an established multiplayer server and often you are boned, cupboards all looted, pots all gone, more players means a smaller chance of animals actually spawning near you. I'm greatly disappointed the Pimps just straight up dumped the idea they started with, because it means they'll have to create a new idea and we as players need to go through the entire teething stage of disappointment with a new system, also there's all that time wasted from a devopement point of view. It is true, randomly losing all your food because of the wonky food poisoning numbers sucked, especially when the Pimps in their wisdom thought it was fine that even the high tier foods have a high amount of food poisoning, in a way it was a great "F U" to those who had to jump through all those hoops to get their cooking/farming up to STILL randomly suffer food poisoning. It's not a great system but I feel like had they tweaked the numbers it would've worked. Thoughts on how things could've been better. High tier foods (especially those with double cooking) should have a lower food poisoning amount = investment should be rewarded It was insulting that base foods recovered no stamina/food finding, even things like cornbread/baked potatoes/charred meat were negligable to the point it just wasn't worth using them. Blueberries give something like 1 hp/stamina!?! Corn Bread was worth 5 food stamina? Instead of instantly dropping our food, it should probably be a timed decay allowing players to attempt to cure the problem with meds Food/hunger should be a slider in server settings allowing for masocists to set how much of a problem hunger is. There people who want to spend the whole game farming food can get their fun and those who don't care for it are happy too. For the love of god, put food and water back on the HUD again.
  12. Do you do any of these things? If not then it doesn't really affect you and you can probably move on with your life in bliss. Right now you're trying to dictate how OTHERS are having fun, and that never works - think of all the times you were dragged to a partner/work/family event you hated, now imagine getting punished on top of that...
  13. Anyone who doesn't agree with this post, start a perception build with the hunting rifle and see how long you last without getting pissed off.
  14. How are players logging out a problem to you personally? This is as petty as me saying "I don't like chocolate/alcohol, therefore everyone should be punished for liking them", it lacks reasoning, acceptance, consciousness and the fact that players don't have to (or want to) play in a way that you personally enjoy. It's actually an advantage for players who AREN'T PARTICIPATING in horde nights to log out so zombie server caps aren't wasted, this means more zombies spawning, much faster waves and lower server lag. Multiple times I've logged out after finishing a horde night, only to log in again and it be horde night again and because recovering from horde nights can take IRL hours of work, I'll just log out. Other times I've joined a server only to find out it's horde night and I have 3-10 minutes to prepare and doing a horde night is impossible. Does your solution fix these problems? No, infact they make these real world situations far worse. Honestly, I find horde night boring at times (because at high level the challenge actually disppears with an established base or high level character), 7days is also more than just horde nights and sometimes players would rather focus on completing their build/quest in peace than dealing with hordes every single time.
  15. I have a problem with the lack of follow through on strikes, it looks like the animation stops in mid air like the animation is being held back, instead of a kinetic follow through like the attack has weight and power. Whether it does 1 damage or a million, the animation swings like it's holding a newspaper trying to playfully smack a friend than something that will kill a zombie.
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