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  1. First, add Dopest_Gorilla on PSN. Don't be salty when I kill you though. No Coop, PvP only.
  2. On PS4, 40mbs minimum download 20-30 upload, on Sky fibre unlimited. Not had problems hosting or joining since last patch.
  3. I highly doubt it's the ISP, It could be a Nat type error as that has stopped me from being able to communicate with players before. Internet is internet the only things different is type e.g fiber optic, and the bandwidth provided for the subscription you have. You can change Nat type to open in the setting of your router by entering your IP adress in the address bar in browser, you may have to contact your ISP to get the needed settings. Upload speed is alot to do with it but if I can join a world where the host upload speed can be as low as 1.4mbs and stay in the game with no to very rare disconnects I think it's a permissions issue.
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