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  1. @Damocles: Happy New Year! Two suggestions that would be awesome additions. 1. First off something simple, let us place traders via a single pixel color like you do cities and towns, I currently always generate with no traders and hand place them otherwise they end up sometimes in clumps in one are of the map with other areas completely void of them. 2. A little more involved. Just as you let us create our own heightmaps and masks that nitrogen can read it would be great if you could also let it read in a biomes.png file. In simple terms it would be used to generate the output and create the preview with our biome file, just helping us to share the preview generated with our custom biomes so other uses can better visualize the map with the correct biomes as we the creator intended. The more complicated part. Once you get biome specific poi placement incorporated (if you are working on that) then if used in conjunction with our own biomes.png this would allow much greater fine grain control in poi placement and assist greatly in creating maps with a high level of compatibility with mods like Darkness Falls that prefer certain POI's in specific biomes for gameplay mechanic reasons.
  2. Sure, many prefabs might not exist on a random gen map, that's the deal with random gen, it's random. I'm not familiar with any prefab named super corn, my maps don't have any. Check the prefabs.xml in your nitrogen output, it's a simple xml / text file so you can search to see if the prefab you are looking for was actually added to your map.
  3. Those are zones specific to the Darkness Falls mod. They are recommended heck required if you play that mod otherwise you will be missing out on a LOT of the mod's content.
  4. Biome looks good! I am changing the one from RH back to more vanilla-ish, the million static trees look too fake and lifeless. Ok for the charred and wasteland region but not the pine forest. Heightmaps are not hard, it's just a greyscale image, aim to work within RGB 10,10,10 - 250,250,250, just mess around, soon you will be creating cool things! I started trying to make continents like North America and Australia and I did, just that the elevation changes didn't translate well to actual gameplay so I ended up starting from scratch instead.
  5. I tried online ones, they didn't work, and I don't have photoshop, meh, will just work around it, the little island dots aren't that large and there are only a few, just wish that Nitrogen respected the mask completely. As you can see from the mask, nothing should be put in the water.
  6. Here is the last complete custom one we played on, was a lot of work but everyone really enjoyed the totally different landscape with a large city in the center of the crater in a charred forest biome. Mixed biomes made it really interesting and never boring with nice smooth biome transitions. I did however take several (not all) of the HDHQ biome modlets and modified them quite a lot to taste to get a truly unique look (unfortunately the pic doesn't do it justice)
  7. Hi there, the issue is that the dtm.raw contains the elevation changes to the land that were made to support the dotted roads out to the islands. I need to figure out how to edit the raw file directly or get Nitrogen to simply re-create one without the need to add anything to it, basically just take the import_hm.png and turn it into a dtm.raw, no other changes. The splat3.png just contains road info, not the terrain changes to support the roads underneath. I could probably offer the map, will just need to package it up and share it somehow, I haven't done that until now because my internet is, well, slow would be an understatement. P.S. I think you were editing your text as I was writing this, lol, I'll just post what i wrote anyway.
  8. Just thought I'd share a bit more about the map above, this is our new map for our Ravenhearst play through, this is maybe iteration number 35 or so, lol.. It is a combination of random terrain gen in a 3d program, merging multiple land masses together, blending, filters, manual heightmap manipulation in paint.net, extra random noise filters, rain erosion application, another 3d program for direct manipulation of terrain via brushes... The depressions in the land will be filled with water afterwards, they are higher elevation lakes that are not auto-colored. I usually then also create our map biomes based on elevation and then apply random noise and other filters to blend biomes together so you don't get hard lines. I might seperate them out more this time since RH seems to have a lot of biome specific content. For POI's I create a custom mask for the map, then use Nitrogen to place most POI's, usually takes about 20+ generations to find a decent seed, several POI's then still need to be hand placed or removed.
  9. Is there a trick to get nitrogen to re-create a dtm.raw based on a previous heightmap via import_hm.png but without creating new poi positions? I got a map layout I like in terms of poi's, roads etc, it's a custom map with a mask, one large island with small islands but for some reason it decided to "try" and make roads out to each island even though there is a large ocean with a mask not permitting it to place anything in the water. The result is a series of spaced out tiny perfectly round dots going out over the water to the islands, no roads, just little land bumps / dots. I converted the dtm.raw to a png to edit them out but of course now I can't get the same one re-made. Nitrogen will not make a new dtm.raw unless it is allowed to create a new poi layout which is not what I want. If you turn off POI's then nitrogen just creates an example heightmap, no dtm.raw. http://prntscr.com/qfeu35
  10. The WalkingDeadPrison Prefab sits 13 blocks too high and fills the console with "INF Missings Paint ID XML entry: 147 for block 'metalpipeStraight'" and similar errors. I tried reducing the height in the prefabs for nitrogen except I must be doing something wrong, makes no difference what i do or I am changing the wrong values. If I edit the prefabs in the generated worlds folder I can lower it of course.
  11. Indeed, no idea how I managed that, mad skills! Re-downloaded and now it's on 18.2b5. Using that to prep a server and custom map for when your next update hits, looking good! If there is one thing I would change it would be the hud, less thick border panel in favor of a more sleek clear look, especially the large thick bordered day indicator at the top, it's very in your face hanging there. These are just observations, it's your mod so you can do as you like, obviously, just providing some feedback. I love the hell gate style portals, will have to think of some cool places on the map to put those, I have a central city in a volcanic crater I could make a harder rad city with these hell-spawns Awesome!
  12. Are you using RAT? That error is unimportant and will disappear after 20 - 30 seconds, it also doesn't do it every server start, it does it quite often on our servers and you can completely ignore it, it has nothing to do with the map.
  13. Is it just me or does the game revert to 18.1b8 with DF installed, I installed it over 18.2b5
  14. Yeah, I looked in the wastelands as I saw it in the biomes file but still couldn't find any, must be super rare. Thanks.
  15. I just threw this together, I used the prefab list generator and manually added the most obvious tags to the easily identifiable structures. Add these lines to the vanilla list for example which is included in the latest nitrogen (make a backup first) so you get a better variety (if you don't add it to a more complete prefab list nitrogen will complain about missing entries such as oldwest, mountain, trader etc as rh doesn't include those on it's own). I don't mention adding it to compopack prefab list as there will be redundant prefabs but nothing wrong if you want a huge variety with some repetition, I would do vanilla + rh myself. https://pastebin.com/gQ22aT8w Double check your prefabs xml output to make sure the new rh_... structures are in there, they are for me. I'm still trying to figure out how RH creates zinc and copper deposits as I haven't seen any yet, not sure if it's just a vein or also supposed to be a visible boulder on the surface and whether or not that needs to be in a prefab list as deco? I checked the included rwgmixer and also generated a world in-game but also haven't seen zinc or copper yet, maybe it's just very rare?
  16. Of course it will work with compopack, you won't have any of the rh prefabs though as those will only be available if you 1. generate the world in-game as it will use the rh supplied rwgmixer which was supplied in the rh mod pack and has the rh entries in it or 2. you need a prefab list to use with nitrogen that has the rh entries in it, currently there is none for rh v6.x, just the older v5.x. Check your prefabs.xml from your nitrogen output, it doesn't have any rh_xxx..... prefabs mentioned in it. You could use the prefablist generator but it doesn't output in a way that nitrogen is completely happy with ie it's missing a lot of the tags such as houses, oldwest, farm etc, it will work however but not be as "good" as it could be unless one manually adds those which is not hard as there aren't that many.
  17. It's working, just wasn't sure whether that entry had any effect anymore due to being "DEPRECATED" as stated in the vanilla files. Smell doesn't seem to do anything as I hovered over them with backpack and toolbelt full of raw meat and they didn't aggro, sight and sound get's their attention though. Having fun tuning the numbers for our setup, thanks!
  18. @Ragsy In the default entityclasses.xml it states: Line 364: <property name="NoiseAlertThreshold" value="30"/> <!-- DEPRECATED; an awake zombie triggers instantly if touched by the sound range/volume --> Doesn't that mean your classic zombies mod is also affected as I see it references that code and what was the idea behind the -200 value, just so I can understand. @Xaliber To get more info on zombie status in single player type "dm" in the console and then hit the numpad "0" key to get floating status text above npc's which includes sight, range, sound etc...
  19. The collection, issue was present in both most recent versions, I had a friend try it out as well, same problem.
  20. bdubyah: Just a heads up, over on nexus I put in a bug report whereby some users and myself are getting a nullreferenceexception when trying to place the regular or hostess box trucks.
  21. Nice, thanks for the continued content updates!
  22. Just an idea. A batch mode whereby we say we want to produce x amount of maps with the current settings and it names the output folders by increasing numbers would be great, that way we could set it to create a random set of say 20 maps with the current settings, walk away and come back and view each preview and choose the best one depending on road and poi layout etc as they can differ quite a lot. I especially look for poi positioning and uniqueness and road connectivity. Being able to set those trader locations too by unique pixel color would be awesome.
  23. *Update: I manually made the crossing by altering the height map now nitrogen is creating a road across in > 80% of the generations. Damocles, what can I do to coax Nitrogen to make a road where the red arrows are, have finally got everything down to how I want but after 20 generations it never once crossed where the red is but will without fail always cross where those 3 green ones are, every time. Map: http://prntscr.com/q14ef7 Map with mask overlay: http://prntscr.com/q14huh Where the green arrows are is also a water canal, when nitrogen makes the roads it fills it in. As random gen as it is it always makes those road passes in the same place Since you make the code and understand the program better I thought you might know a trick or two to convince those roads to cross there.
  24. I read the first page thoroughly, the information I seek is not there unless I'm going blind. The "Preview POI colors" list has nothing to do with what I asked, those are the color keys for the preview image output, not the rgb pixel values we need for the mask for setting specific spawn points which is what I am seeking.
  25. @Damocles: Is it possible to set trader points by colors such as your cities (red) and towns (green), are there any other colors we can use for specific spawns? Is there any way we can set an exact number of cities, I found "tCities" in the config but unlike the other entries which are integers it contains decimals. (Update: I figured out which entry corresponded to what and simply did a few tests tweaking the decimal number to get what I was looking for)
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