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  1. Friends enjoy drinking fireball and I'm having fun messing with around with the xmls so look what I made 😆 still isn't finished though. Planning a longer duration or a different buffs but already added to loot as well, sorta proud of myself lol
  2. just pack a bowl o plant fibers and play some 7 days brother, we still love you.
  3. Each snowflake is different and pretty, he meant it as a compliment i think.
  4. Then everyone is gonna have the same cookie cutter build picking the best perks.. I'm assuming your not playing with friends? The guys i play with thoroughly enjoy that we all specialize into different areas. One guy is the cook/hunter, another the melee/miner/meat shield, the intellect and crafting guy, the commando with lots of weapon skills and then me where I'm like a jack of all trades for when someone isn't playing in our group.
  5. Who has the time to come and complain here? There is plenty of 7 days left to play and explore, I am only on day 10 and loving it all.
  6. i complain a lot but trunks u taking the cake here. I am gonna start calling the male version of karens trunks now.
  7. Could just be that I am playing with the settings too high but every time i go into a snow biome i lag really bad with the weather effects is there a way to turn them off and or what graphic settings controls the quality of them?
  8. I've refrained from complaining this past month or watching any streams this weekend, it's release day and I'm ready to play, release the GD KRAKEN already!
  9. Im a little annoyed that every single poi in the game basically has a gun safe, chest, and shotgun messiah crate. I remember when finding a weapon actually meant something, when a low quality pistol was 70 quality and finding a pistol that was 110 was an upgrade, being able to sell the old pistol or combine with other parts to make it better and stuff.
  10. when can we expect the next stable?
  11. Everything does seem much smoother, I ended up not restarting and aside from traders having some issues all seems okay. Trader door turns into different blocks when you get close to it, trader has a small greyish block at his feet as well.
  12. I can't think of one game that lets you bold, narrow, italic, and underline font lol
  13. There is a item in dev blocks to make you faster if not a couple, jetpack or something.
  14. Can this please be updated? It bothers me a lot and seems like something that could easily be fixed. This is A18 not A17. - - - Updated - - - very nice
  15. Game is running much better on my potato, went from having to use 640x480 res to being able to up it to 1280x720 while getting more fps then before. Thanks TFP!
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