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    We normally try to play the game as it is, vanilla. We are having trouble with the fog in this version. Could someone please help with detailed steps to shut it off? It is causing to many problems in our game. Before anyone makes any nasty remarks I am visually impaired.
  2. You will get this in delay, sorry for that lol. There have been times of silence and lengthy times behind updates. Some people even think development he stopped all together. I accepted madmoles explanation for the present situation. He never said I was wrong for the things I said or felt. In doing so, with his response i am able to respect his words. Truthfully I do not mind dates being missed, just tell us, the sooner the better. I used to be a purchasing manager, so when a date got missed and i only found out because the date passed it would cause problems for so many people. When i was told the date would be missed i could plan it. So when you give a day or time period just tell me when you know you will miss it, that i can respect. Yes, i am a blunt person. No need to beat around the Bush. I will respect the forum rules. Just as long as they are applied equally. There was a pot pointed at me that i feel is to antagonize me but i will let slide.
  3. Not really an apology but that I would give one under condition. I think the main thing I ask for is good communication. Bad news is better than no news. But yes, if my earlier post which is no longer public is shown to be proven wrong that would would apologize for falcities in my statements.
  4. Thank you for coming in and discussing my post. I will admit I was a little harsh. We have a passion for this game. We have bought 6 copies and built 3 computers to play it. My wife loves this game more than any other. She was so excited when we found the sign ups for a19. It was very hard to tell her that they did not pick her. The look of disappointment on her face for the love of your game was hard to take . This is a 50 year old woman who has talked many, many people into buying your game. If you guys meet your expected date or at least communicate as soon as you know that it has to be pushed back I will publically apologize and praise you. If nothing else I hope you see how much passion people have for this game. While there are many more important things in life this one distraction from it means a great deal from many people. PS I do respect that you took time to address my post. I do not give my respect easily. Maybe you guys could open up a couple more of thos a19 slots for her. Lol To whomever has to approve my message. I hope you can see that this post I genuine and appropriate.
  5. Just read the banner on top. So this means we can expect an update in October?
  6. Steam name: william.clemons Hours played: 2117 Started on Alpha: 12 (I bought real early, I think this is when I started playing) Discord name: wclem1974 Native language: English Me and my wife have played this on Steam and PS4. I have no way to tell how many console hours. We built a pc just to use as a server for this game itself. I built another computer for my wife just to play your game on. We would love to test alpha 19 and would gladly give feedback to help the process. This is kind of a dream come true for us to be involved at this stage. So glad you have offered this!!
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