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  1. Myself and my buddies are loving every bit of these modified zeds. Agree with a user above, this mod adds the much needed variety to the game. I also did get a red error when loading both sets. I believe my fix was removing one of the buff xmls. Pretty sure both mod sets were trying to add the same thing and the game was throwing a duplication error. Working 100% now. Love love love this mod
  2. There is so much potential for this mod, imo. Does the bug you found break the radiation blocks or something? Only thing I noticed playing around with the mod is that the buffname's for protect and remove stick around even after one removes the armors. It didn't allow me to run around on the rad blocks or anything like that.
  3. 😍😍😍😍😍 This is wonderful to read. Thank you!
  4. Agreed. LBD is extremely satisfying and immersive. Why TFP moved away from this, I don't get. I'm just suuuuper stoked that these modders brought back some of the LBD to A18. Been playing this weekend and man is it such a more fun experience with them. Just need some Athletics for the finishing touch Thanks to you guys working on these mods and fixing Vanilla for us <3
  5. Don’t know how I missed that πŸ˜‚ Athletics really is the one I was hoping would be brought back, next to crafting, but the latter might be asking for too much? I have a small private server for some friends, I can definitely test that out if it’s helpful at all.
  6. Can confirm! Changing the necessary item names, removing the magazine entries, and fixing some progression perk names got it all working on my end! Fantastic and a big thank you! I'm surprised this modlet isn't a bigger deal. Any updates on adding cardio or any other LBD skills?
  7. Awesome work dude! Only issue I’m having is the icons aren’t popping up. Everything else seems to be working fine!
  8. I've been using the latest pack and have had no issues. Flew around in god mode into various areas and didn't have any stuttering issues as they spawned in.
  9. 10/10 Absolutely phenomenal work! Biome reduxe looks and runs beautifully. No issues on my end after wiping world after installation. I love that my 1080ti actually gets used now by the game Awesome stuff, and thank you for your work!
  10. I was experiencing something similar yesterday with the updated light pack (I think). I was testing various things so I was flying around in god mode and I would have these small and quick frame drop hiccups as the Zs would spawn in. The former dark Z version issue of hard locks for a few seconds is gone however. The small hiccups might very well be from me just flying around really fast. Edit: LOVING the mod. I think having variance definitely adds to the immersion aspect of the game. Definitely reminds me of Left 4 Dead with the different clothes and such. Great job!
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