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  1. It is the simple wood door with the brass doorknop. Easy to find in cities. But a few days ago i asked myself the same question. Another thing was that you need to hold the kit in your hand and NOT the lock pick!
  2. So, is it intended that there is no "pre-buff" like "dirty" or something else that tells you -> it could be getting worse when still go on? I was rage quiting yesterday because i got a minor infection 5 minutes after the buff "nice and clean" disapperead and thats all what was listed.
  3. The thing is, we don't like those convicts because they are worsen the atmosphere for us. Really annoying these guys. But we defenetly enjoying those little zombies which are beating up other zombies. They are nasty AF. Love them
  4. I really love this mod and for me and my dudes at our server it is the best mod we have ever played so far. I got two questions: Is there any patch in the pipeline which fixes the "suddenly-minor-infection-bug" ? And what i have to do to get rid of the "out-of-jail" guys in the XML's ? Keep up the good work and greetings from Germany.
  5. Can somebody tell me please ;–)
  6. @JaxTeller718 Is it possible to change the backpack slot size? Or is it possible to start with the vanilla slot size? I really like that mod and we want to start a server game but nobody wants to play with a confusing 72 slot backpack. Thanks for answer. ps. I really like that "little big" bigger backpack size from the valmod mod.
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