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  1. Ok hehe never had a hard time before always had a trader on vanilla but I'll give it another shot other then that the mod is Awsome good work
  2. Ah ok so random Gen don't work with the mod that's what I was using I'll give a premade map a go ty
  3. Don't know if it's only me but once I done the bedroll and hammer quest once the trader quest shows up I get a null message I remove the quest it stops This is on a fresh install
  4. Does the server provider need to install this mod or can I just ftp the files over to the server?
  5. Yup removed but u can get true creative mode tho
  6. I lost my minibike a few times also brought it in my base so I can unload it then I couldn't even use it anymore had to take it apart then put it back together outside the base lol
  7. Yes digging in the desert you can find diamond deposit I did find a few
  8. Is your eac turned off?
  9. Yup that's true hd harvest faster eco is slower
  10. Np I didn't know what it was before I asked the same question that's how ya learn
  11. Bbm means big bag mod also you need to disable eac to be able to use the big bag mod it replaces a dll file can't remember witch one
  12. Since your using the 7dtd mod launcher you need to uncheck the auto update it will always keep the files updated even if your the one making the changes
  13. Advantuly you will have all the classes so it don't mater I started out as builder then tradesman cause tradesman is very good at gathering with the diamond axe and pick
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