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  1. I am absolutely loving how the mod is coming along so far. I do have one suggestion for you, It would be nice if there was an included way to remove essences from the conjures in case we decide to move the conjure later. I am going to go ahead and create my own recipes to accomplish this, but I'm sure others would find it useful.
  2. Yeah the backpack mods do move the interfaces around. The one I was using in the screenshot was Hoarder's big backpack, https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94703-Hoarder-s-big-backpack-and-storage&highlight=hoarder+backpack I think the other one I tried was the 300 (now 320) slot mod, https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?98184-300-Slot-BackPack-amp-3-Row-Crafting-Que&highlight=hoarder+backpack I quit trying to use this mod though since that many slots makes it too hard for my poor eyes to see things (icons and text are way too small for my eyes, and that's with sit
  3. It does appear that there are issues with Sorcery and every backpack size mod I've tried. I think I'll have to modify some things to prevent this. Sadly my play testing is dead in the water for now.
  4. I'm confused here. You have it set to 15, not 5 for all the blocks. The part that has me confused is that you are saying 1=1 day and 15=15 days, BUT in the blocks.xml you have this listed, "<!-- 15 is max for the Rate --> <!-- 1=slow, 1000=fast -->" So is 1 slow? Or is 1=1 day? Is 15 the max? Or can it bet set to 1000 for it to be faster like the xml says? You and your xml's are saying opposite things here. It would be nice if you could clear this up and fix it to the correct way in the xml.
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