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  1. One thing I love at the moment is modding my hat to a baseball cap XD Will it be possible to do this with all armour? So Like modding the miner trousers to look like shorts etc. And or the ability to hide armour. Like gloves or coat ofr example. (Or all of it, naked run XD)
  2. Not French, just was REALLY late when I wrote that. Oh dont get me wrong about the zombies in POI's, I understand WHY the popping into existance happens, I just dont understand why its happening in such small spaces, like across a room, you can load in a whole bunch of ACTIVE zombies on a horde night, but you cant have a zombie in a closet at the top of a flight of stairs loaded in because...the POI creator decided they want to screw you over with a trigger trap. (not rubbish/glass, i mena the UNAVOIDABLE kind) Was hoping wandering sleepers would be an end to those...BS trigger traps, the ones you can not ever avoid because its a litteral trigger. The blade trap is a dream of mine XD I get the bears and stuff being tough, but their behaviour and frequency contradict eachother. Theres TOO many of them compared to deer/rabbits/chickens So what are they eating...zombies ?, But they ignore the zombies unless the zombie stands on its toe's. Yet can see you and attack you from 20 meters away ?. In the green biome, Deer should be probably the most comon thing you see, same in the snow biome. Basic eco balance, if you have too many preditors, everything dies out.
  3. Ok, I have a bunch of questions, I hope some can get answered, or maybe these are new I don't know 1 - Wandering sleepers I assume this is for POI's, are these 'wandering sleepers' going to replace the horribly immersion breaking 'trigger traps' where no matter how quiet you are, you wake up several zeds from the other side of the room because you went over an imaginary line. 1b - Does this mean that POI's will be able to load ALL the zeds within the POI (sleeping ofc) rather than have them horribly pop into existance the second you walk into a room. I've had several rooms where I've opened the CLOSETS, nothing in them, walked into the room and poof, zombies just appear in them. 2 - Verchial mods PLease let the first mod be to remove the spikes from the Truck and bike, those things are useless and get the verchail stuck soo much. (Also, a buildable army truck with a boatload of storage would be AWSOME XD) 3 - Electricity Will this ever be getting an overhaul, The system drives me nuts for several reasons... - The limit on the wire length, this seems REALLY arbitery and can actually be bypassed, it just makes wireing stuff in nicely a realpain - Only being able to have one power producer feed a battery bank...WHY? - Only being allowed to have ONE battey bank in a chain...again WHY - Being able to turn off the solar generator (Via a timer relay) in order to get lights to power on before it gets too dark. For instance A normal day is 8am till 10pm, this is when a Solar generator will work. HOWEVER, I might not want it to, I might ant it to work from 9am till 8pm, making the battery bank take over between 8pm and 9am. The PROBLEM If you have too many lights on that circuit, the game tries to get them to run off the solar generator's power creation, instead of the battery bank (Whitch can be far higher) causing half your lights to not work UNTIL the Solar generator turns itself off for the day. 4 - Security cameras seeing through bullet proof glass 5 - Upgrading blade traps with mods (sarrated blades, temperad blades, burning shaft mod, rad remover) 6 - Whats with the wildlife being so dangerous, I mean, I get it they need to hit pretty hard, but they are also damage sponges. I've seen BEARS take on wandering hordes and kill everything, and then take several shotgun rounds to the face before they drop. Ok, bear I can get behind I guess, perticually zombie bears. But Cougars, wolves. taking entire clips to put them down, The wildlife COMPLETELY ignoring zombies, (and same vice versa) to make a be line for the player the second you make yourself known. I remember zombies used to chase deer, rabbits, chickens, now they just ignore them, and their are FAR FAR too many carnivous animals compared to the herbivours. WHAT are the carnivours eating, it aint the zombies, they ignore them unless they stand on their heads XD Thats all I can think of right now, sorry for the animal rant, I just get killed far more by animals than I do zombies in this game its kinda weird XD keep up the good work, chow
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