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  1. Not French, just was REALLY late when I wrote that. Oh dont get me wrong about the zombies in POI's, I understand WHY the popping into existance happens, I just dont understand why its happening in such small spaces, like across a room, you can load in a whole bunch of ACTIVE zombies on a horde night, but you cant have a zombie in a closet at the top of a flight of stairs loaded in because...the POI creator decided they want to screw you over with a trigger trap. (not rubbish/glass, i mena the UNAVOIDABLE kind) Was hoping wandering sleepers would be an end to those...BS trigger traps, th
  2. Ok, I have a bunch of questions, I hope some can get answered, or maybe these are new I don't know 1 - Wandering sleepers I assume this is for POI's, are these 'wandering sleepers' going to replace the horribly immersion breaking 'trigger traps' where no matter how quiet you are, you wake up several zeds from the other side of the room because you went over an imaginary line. 1b - Does this mean that POI's will be able to load ALL the zeds within the POI (sleeping ofc) rather than have them horribly pop into existance the second you walk into a room. I've had several rooms w
  3. Steam name:The Civillian Hours played:860 Started on Alpha: Unsure, the zombies has GPS built in, knew where you were at all times and infinatly spawned at POI's Discord name: The Civillian Native language: English Bringing a plus 1 too XD
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