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  1. Update: I've decided to take everyone's advice and wait for a bit to see what happens with all the new releases. Safe to say that it's been a cluster f... in the industry over the past month and it's getting even harder to follow whats-what. Going to wait a bit longer until the 3060 and 3070 get released, then I'll make a decision on GPU & CPU...the rest should fall into place after that. Biggest change over the month is that I've decided to build only 1 system as my current system is good enough for the types of games that my other half plays so she'll get a hand m
  2. Thanks for the videos. I'll check them out this afternoon. I am in fact a visual learner so they could help. I'm like you in that higher resolutions hurt my eyes after a short period of time and anything over 60 FPS always seemed like overkill to me. Oh, and I don't plan on ever playing twitch games competitively and like I mentioned, I'm not a graphics whore...though I do appreciate beautiful graphics it's never been a must for me. Stability and Performance must come first and I'm always willing to sacrifice graphical fidelity and FPS for both. I also don't like a lot of the high end graphic
  3. Thanks again for the responses. The budget is going to be my biggest determinate as to what I ultimately decide on. But I will check everything out starting at the top. My current system is a work horse. Built with a CPU & Motherboard that could last a decade (and it did) with an upgrade to RAM and Video Card somewhere in the middle. That's pretty much what I'm looking to do here. I may not be able to get the best VC now but if I focus on the CPU and Motherboard that won't be a problem to upgrade down the road. Thanks for the insight on the SSD, I think I understand
  4. Wow. I really didn't expect this many quality responses. I can't possibly respond to everything individually so I hope this satisfies... 1. I have read every word that everyone here wrote at least 2-3 times. 2. I have taken notes and started some very specific research on my end due to what was written here. 3. I have been convinced that AMD is the way to go for CPU...I am not an Intel Fan Boy but I do believe in brand loyalty so this one was difficult for me...in the end you all made a lot of sense. I probably can't afford some of the top of the line items me
  5. Not sure if this should be in General Support instead so please feel free to move it if need be. Just looking for some advice on some parts for a new custom build that I'll be undertaking next month for my 50th. It's been 10 years since my last custom build (with some upgrades along the way, so I'm a bit rusty on what would be considered solid components. I'll need everything right down to the mouse pad and my total budget is $1500 (I'm actually building one for my other half so that's my budget per rig). I'm an Nvidia and Intel person so I would like to stick with those but other
  6. Could someone please give a short synopsis for each of the major stable branches of each Alpha? Just the major stuff that made each alpha special. For example, which alpha had the best cave system or which was the last before the graphics update. Any insight would be highly appreciated. Thank you kindly. BTW, Thanks Red! Love using your UI and now this. You're GREAT!
  7. Not much of a PvPer and I admit to not having read this thread (yet) but I know that the only opinion that I have on the matter is in regards to factions...I prefer 3 over 2 In all my years of PvP experience (albeit limited in personal participation and more involved through watching) it always seems that 3 factions allows for more balance over having just 2 to choose from. There's always the possibility for alliances where having only 2 factions eliminates that possibility. Without alliances one faction always ends up dominant. Again, I don't pretend to know a lot about this subject and
  8. BioFringe

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Thank you for the quick response. Your active participation is part of the reason that I chose this as my first overhaul to the game. I'm going all out and even installing the bigger backpack along with the Horde overhaul. Looking forward to the new experience. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. BioFringe

    A16 Valmod Pack

    So I would like to try this mod out but I don't want to mess with what I currently have going so I was wondering...could I copy the 7D2D installation folder into the Steam\Common folder and name it something like 7D2D Val Mod then have Steam recognize it as a non-Steam game? If so will this create a new save folder automatically so that it doesn't overwrite anything that is in my current save folder? Lastly, is it recommended to start a random gen game with this mod or Nav? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  10. BioFringe

    Origin UI MOD

    So I've tried about 5-6 UI mods over the past week and I can now say that this one comes closest to what I'm looking for. I love the simplistic, minimalist yet useful overall feel and the bottom left info display fits so naturally that it looks as if it's just part of the default UI. EDIT: I figured out my issues so l have removed any reference to said issues and have left only the praise above. Thank you for your hard work.
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