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  1. Hi KGB several of questions for you. Can you add settings that allow us to randomize the wandering horde (in main menu)? Randomize the size like 20-50 for example. Also randomize when the horde will appear. I Iike wandering hordes better than blood moons, but if I know when they are coming that still means I can plan to avoid them. Also can you add protected trader into this mod? If you do not, is it possible for the traders to be killed by a horde? If you cannot have zombies killed by explosions I think it would be great if they would at least lose their legs and become crawlers. Are there any survivor/bandit modlets that work with Romero? I tried adding human pack and it caused repeated null reference errors.
  2. Hey KGB I have always been a fan of Darkness Falls it's my favorite mod. I haven't tried it yet but I hope your Romero Mod is more of what I have wished for in 7DTD. I don't want a horde night just routine zombies walking around/in POIs and a really big horde randomly. I want to be looting a house look out the window and see a massive horde coming my way and have to run for my life! I hope you can add survivors and bandits into this mod. I know it is a dumb question by via the launcher can I add modlets to your mod? I'm clueless about adding modlets to the game. Also do you plan to keep adding to this mod? Are your hordes single file or can they be broader? Single file hordes are too easy they don't really surround you. Will you adjust explosives not doing much damage? Thanks as always for all the efforts you put into this game.
  3. Is anyone having success with hirable NPCs? I hired the archer lady and told her to "stay here" by the rear of my base I came back later and she was gone. I really like this feature but since they cost a lot of money I wonder how well this feature works. What is the point of looking at their inventory? Do they require food? Any feedback on the value of hiring an NPC would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys can anyone tell me. If I download an available modlet listed on the mod launcher, does that modlet automatically activate in the next game I play from the launcher?
  5. Hi KGB does your mod work with Xyth's NPC pack humans? Do you add or recommend any modlets to use with your mod?
  6. Hi KGB for things like steel crafting requirements it says no laborer class. Since I chose the laborer class does that mean I can never craft steel? Does the hunting knife harvest more meat than the machete? I'm getting 5 meat off a cow which is crazy!
  7. Hi KGB I love your mod it runs great on my pc. Honestly your mod is the only reason I keep playing 7DTD. Couple of questions for you or anyone: Does starting a new class mean you no longer progress in the previous one? I heard there are NPC's I can hire, how do I hire them and what can they do? Will retrievable arrows ever be in your mod? Does your mod have less towns and cities on the map than vanilla? Any chance in the future that you can mod NPC community recruitment and community management into the game? Building a cool base with no one else to live in it is very blah. Starvation mod had brought this aspect into the game. Thanks for all your work on the game you really are a creative genius! Take care.
  8. Hi DF players what maps are most recommended to play on? Or is random gen maps the way to go?
  9. Hello DF players how does DF compare with vanilla for FPS? I'd like to return to DF but only if it plays smoothly. Also are bandits back in yet?
  10. jprasch

    True Survival

    Hi Spider. How do you think TS alpha 18 will run compared to vanilla? Will your mod have same, better, or worse frame rate?
  11. Hi spereii I am using a generic ps4 style controller in Big Picture Mode I have it set to xbox controller settings which works with all my other games including base 7DTD. Your launcher has an icon on my desk top I use to open it. I actually do not use big picture mode to play.
  12. Hi Sphereii thanks for asking about my controller issue, it is very frustrating and keeping me from playing DF. My controller works okay on the base game now, up until recently it also malfunctioned on the base game. I don't know about any associated logs. The controller just acts very slugglish. I often have to double tap the left stick to rotate view. Even on the highest sensitivity settings in game looking around is slow. Looking up and down is very jerky and imprecise. In times past there seemed to be a conflict between Steam big box mode and controller settings on my non steam games. I have been able to resolve those issues but not for DF. I wish I could tell you more but I'm not really pc savvy. I really appreciate your launcher I use it all the time.
  13. Hi KGB you said my controller malfunctions may be connected to the NPC mod in your game. Who created that mod and how can I contact them? I only play your mod because it rules but without my controller working I'm sidelined.
  14. Hi KGB do you have any idea why my controller works with the base game but will not work in your mod? Even on the most sensitive controller settings in game I cannot rotate left or right easily, target, or pick up objects effectively. It is not related to video settings I lowered video quality with no effect.
  15. jprasch

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Hi Xyth I found the modlets on the launcher. How do I know which ones I can use without them conflicting with each other?
  16. Does experimental and the regular version have the same game options as vanilla? I like making blocks stronger and the more random horde nights.
  17. Hi KGB when there were no bandits in A17 I uninstalled 7DTD. Now thanks to your work I'm coming back. They are only in your experimental version right? Do you have notes posted for that version?
  18. jprasch

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Hi Xyth. NPC's are my most desired feature in 7DTD. So I really appreciate your focus on this area. When I look on Spherii's launcher I do not see on the A17 list any of your NPC mods. Also does the launcher have modlets offered on it? I do not see those on there either. Thanks for all your efforts to improve the game.
  19. jprasch

    True Survival

    Hi Spider just wanted to share a few A17 requests with you. The first is the ability to recruit and build a community of survivors. Survivors that can be assigned tasks (similar to Starvation). The other is NPC's that will attack your base with guns and explosives. I realize these are tall orders but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. I look forward to seeing your A17 mod in action. Take care.
  20. Merry Christmas KGB and family. Do you foresee a lot of modding potential for A17? So far It doesn't seem better than your mod. What do you hope/plan for your future mod? What I wish for the most is building and managing a community kind of like in Starvation.
  21. Hi KGB. I'm still playing your mod no A17 yet for me. Can your workstations be broken down and collected with a wrench?
  22. Thanks KGB for answering my previous post. You may know this issue already, in my game bandits with crossbows are not shooting them at me. They also are not dropping the cb when dead. Your bandits are great, I like how they can see you from far away.
  23. Hi KGB, I really like your Mod. I have a few questions. On my first hoard night only one spider zombie showed up. I am playing SP random map. I was in a building second floor. Seems like some zombies run in the day, is it always one type? I select zombies to never run but your mod overrides that right? Do you have a wiki page? What is the armored car? Great work thanks.
  24. HELP where is the starter crate I need to place in the early quests?
  25. jprasch

    True Survival

    Hey sphereii I used the download from steam option, it tells me steam must be restarted after the sync, I have to log back into steam but the mod doesn't download I hit install and it just syncs again. How do I reload steam? Or what else should I do?
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