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  1. Then that's not what Roland was talking about, which was what my reply was in answer to. I'm talking about the grinding aspect, specifically to level up as fast as possible, so that the focus on XP is muted somewhat (not entirely taken away but the focus of it is shifted). I also try to be as efficient as I can, but not for levelling reasons, but to keep the action in the game going, I'm not going to sit around in a quest POI room for hours on end just to artificially slow things down, but I am killing zombies whenever I see them, as they're either in the way, or smashing something I don't w
  2. Yes still perks and levelling up (and yes no harm in seeing which level you are, which is just your health above 100 most of the time), just you can't see how much XP you gain, and how far off you are from the next level. If people really want to force it, sure they can check the XML's etc, but for most people they wouldn't bother, and it would stop it being such a focus, that they would end up just playing the game, and doing stuff for the sake of "living in a zombie apocalypse" rather than a levelling up simulator.
  3. I've read quite a few people saying about the grind of levelling and XP gain etc, and it does frustrate me to no end that so many people see it as a race to get to level 300 for some strange reason. So to that end, have you guys considered just removing all indications of level progression from the game? Remove the purple bar above the toolbelt, remove the pop ups that tell you how much XP you're getting. Then people will have no choice but to just play the game, and hope at some point they level up.
  4. I was just thinking that exact same thing. This isolation thing will go a lot nicer with A19 to play
  5. it's for gameplay only, it's to force you to farm to hunt animals, rather than rely on looted food.
  6. Just watched Kage848's video on this mod, and damn I just wanted to say your UI should be in vanilla, it's frigging awesome.
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