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  1. Can't personally see an update on console ever coming out now, given the state of things and the lack of potential return on any 7dtd console development. I really hope I'm wrong! I've been waiting months for news that would get me and my buddies back on the game, but I'm done waiting now. TFP - Thanks for the many hundreds of hours of fun. This IS a great game, although arguably one that should have stayed PC only, given the huge multiplayer restrictions, no dedicated servers and console power limitations. Regardless, I appreciate the effort to bring 7dtd to console players and I, for one, definitely got my moneys worth! I won't be checking in on the forums anymore, but should I ever hear of an update, or should I come across a PC to play 7dtd on, I'll be back in a heartbeat! To the 7dtd community, who have always been great (even in disagreement!) and are a real asset to the game, so long and thanks for all the blueberry pies! PEACE OUT (hopefully just for now) The Dust
  2. I'm sure I found my auger parts killing lumberjacks, although I had to kill like 50+ for RNG to spawn me the auger parts. Hope this helps!
  3. Add me if you like PSN = dustipher
  4. PSN: dustipher - I run a PvE map with lots of UK drop in players. Always good to have more. UK adult players only please due to timezones and me being a (semi) responsible adult
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