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  1. Can we pls get an option to change running speed for ferals and rads separately for day and night? The option “running speed for Zombies at night” counts only for normal Zombies but not for ferals and rads. If you set ferals speed to walk, they will walk at day and night.

    Right now we cant even change this in xml files.

  2. On 7/12/2020 at 12:37 PM, Damocles said:

    The "phantom blocks" are a bug in the game. This issue appeared already in A18, especially if there where more POIs present (such as with CompoPack)


    It also sometimes appears in vanialla RWG worlds in A19.


    The reasons is simply, that the distant POI modes (imposters) dont get removed when getting close to the POI.

    Its either related to the LOD of distant POIs or their occlusion algorithm.


    The issue is something only the game developers can fix in their code.


    Exiting and reloading the game will help. Maybe also try to turn off occlusion, and see if it has an effect.

    Thanks, turning off occlusion helped me. It costs some fps but its better than to reload everytime. 

    I had never this issue in A18 or before.

  3. 10 hours ago, Unborn said:

    Hey guys. Happy to join you here. I love those mods but now at alpha 19 i try to use the backpack buttons mod but i cant make it to work. i play in vanilla game with no other mods in it. i create a "Mods" folder in the 7dtd directory and i extrack the mod in there but the buttons dosent show on game. obviously i make something wrong but what is that? 


    You probably copied the wrong folder. Copy this folder to your Mods folder "KHA19-BackpackButtons"


    btw Khaine, are they any changes? I played with A18 buttons mods on my A19 and i had no issues. 

  4. 12 hours ago, Gazz said:

    At this moment we can't have it both ways.

    We would like to have certain POI "work" at a higher gamestage so that a shotgun messiah factory would maybe have +100GS and you could find the cool loot in it.

    But then you'd have to survive getting there.


    At this time it would just be a freebie where the awesome loot is defended by GS 1 enemies. So nope.

    I love the idea that different POIs have different Gamestages. Especially late game its very tiring when even small houses with no special loot crates has glowing Zeds in.

    For early game the opposite. Its like “hey you wanna good loot? If you feel ready fighting ferals with your blunderbuss and scrap armor then go”


    On Topic: I really love the new lighting. It looks now so much better. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Nahab said:

    Weird.  I deleted everything there now and used the launcher to clear all old settings, etc and I can still choose pedalu county as a map option for a new game and I still get the same underground/missing trader at that location.  I load navezgane and it works fine though.


    ETA.  I tried Hazeja Mountains and Dipigo Valley and got the same underground/missing trader issue.  I verified that there were no files in the roaming/7daystodie folder before launching and started a new game from that map option.  I still see Pedalu County as well. 

    Navezgane and the 2 different random gen seeds work fine.  Which map options should we see at this stage?

    Check ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds folder if there are some generated maps. 

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  6. Well, when i start playing a new mod i read what the mod does, and if i kill a zed and get a strange keycard i lookup what it does without looking for exact cords to the place, But hey thats just me i dont know how other people play mods, maybe they just install them randomly without reading anything about them.


    Well thats my only negative point with this very good mod. You have to heard or read about the bunker to be able to find them, of course you can find them random but 99% of people would never find them.


    On my second playthrough without to know where the big bunker is I randomly found a row of tents in wasteland I looted everything and I went away. Without to know there is something more I would be never able to find it. AND everyone who were there know what I mean.

  7. Guys, its an unwritten rule about this mod that you do not reveal where the bunkers are, its part of the mystery in the mod to find them on your own, the bunkers and what you find in there are the endgame of the mod and having that spoiled for you kinda ruins the whole thing.

    the maps are not that big and you already know in what biome they spawn.


    Do yourself a favor and search for them yourself, having people post cords and/or pictures to exactly where they are ruins the mod for you.


    I played this mod on alpha 17 a lot. On my first run I didn’t know anything about the bunker and I would probably never found one without reading about them in discord. Most people don’t have the goal to discover all the black shadow from the map in their playthrough, if they just live in the forest like me and visit other biomes only for farming they will never discover the bunker.

    Caitlin has a mission for the small bunker but why should a normal player who just farm at the edge of wasteland to burnt ever be able to find her on a normal playthrough without to know there is a Caitlin? There is no need to discover all wasteland to farm titanium. Most people who never heard about bunker or Caitlin will never see them.

    I can understand people who are asking for hints or coords for bunker after searching for them for days. There is no fun to search for a small well.

  8. It's been about 4 days since you told me about the big bunker in the wasteland. I've been searching for it since... I am on a 10k map, the wasteland also borders it. I know there is much more wasteland that I have to explore, but I really don't know what I am trying to spot. People have said to look for a well, look for a shack with five metal plates, look for a row of tents. Some have said they had found the big bunker in the burnt forest. Any clue would GREATLY be appreciated. TYVM!


    The small bunker is in burnt forest, it is a small well, hard to find. The big bunker is in wasteland (row of tents)

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