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  1. Thanks factura, slightly reluctant to update as I have seen people getting reset, and I dont want to lose my time on the map screen! Time to bite the bullet I guess
  2. Enjoying DF but my Fortitude isnt working correctly as it wont go above 110 health regardless of how much I put into the perk. I havent read all the posts so apologies if its a known issue
  3. It was me, as I suspected all along. Scrapping them in your backpack gives paper, scrapping them in the research desk gives KP - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - -
  4. Knowledge Points - If I am understanding it correctly if you scrap a recipe/schematic you should get KP. All I am getting is the normal paper, is this a bug or just me being stupid? (Most probably the latter) Thanks to all that have worked on the mod, enjoying the difficulty of it immensely (will help I have now found all the parts I need for a minibike so can do some exploring)
  5. Hi Guys, Have a weird bug ever since installing Starvation. I use the Mod Launcher and had WotW running from it but then downloaded Starvation. What its done is to turn my avatar invisible so on the profile screen and when riding a mini bike it looks weird as any are not covered by clothing is see through. It has no effect on gfameplay at all, the zombies, animals etc can see me without any issue. The bug also affects WotW in the same way. As I said it doesnt affect gameplay in any way shape or form but thought it worth reporting back to you. Thank you for the Mod its absolutely brutal!
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