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  1. I cannot fathom why I'm unable to place a land claim block. Is there some rules now about where they can be placed, and not? I've run all over my little town area trying to just find a green place to drop it. failsauce.
  2. Ok, what am I doing wrong? I take the picture, get the correct click. But when I use the research terminal it shows nothing. What step am I missing?
  3. Snufkin, is there any way to fix your custom zombies so they actually are affected by electric fences and are seen by turrets?
  4. I tried it but the picture must have been bad as it didn't give the right sound. And frankly the film is WAY TOO $$$. Each shot costs a bottle of acid. And for just 25% dmg reduction, too costly. Especially if it fails to get a decent picture some of the time.
  5. Those are from the Research Station. You have to DL his MOD for it. Build it and the camera and the film. Equip camera, load camera with film. Take pics of Snuffles Custom Zombies. Go to research station (you built).
  6. Uh... I got the juggernaut without doing any quest. And he was a HUGE surprise.
  7. If you want a taste of what to expect.. Here is a clip from my impervious to vanilla zombies base. Ridonkulous! And I totally forgot about the research stations. I need to do that.
  8. In my 18.4 dedicated server game, RWG. Everything seems to work fine except I get zero scouts (screamers). My game was originally set up for random horde nights and I have moved the date/time around a number of times using "st" command. If changing the date around can impact scout spawning, is there a way to reset it? I have two minor UI HUD mods I've used many times in A18.4 with no troubles.
  9. Very interesting work. I notice they seem to walk right through my electric fence posts though. And what is this zombie Shark?
  10. Yeah having the same issue with my dedicated server builds. Wish they mentioned those dimensions in the CONFIG.xml. ><
  11. Oddly enough, bc-spawn <entity name> does not work for animals such as the Doe, Stag, Rabbit, etc. Additionally, bc-spawn <entity group> does not work for friendly animals either. Oddly.
  12. Thank you for all your work Stompy. It really extends the game and helps many people enjoy it much more. @StompyNZ
  13. I want to edit a DLL in an existing MOD, but have no idea what tools to use. I have a fairly extensive coding background but am unfamiliar with what languages tools to use for 7D stuff. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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