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  1. so is there a DB out there? or is there a way to export that info from the PC ver of the game/files? i'd rather not spend hours handwriting the max load capacity of every block.
  2. Hi, just noticed that 7daysdb.com has closes its doors. I used to rely on this site for calculating what blocks work with with what. it was critical for me to know the max load of every block & item in the game. but now I cannot find an alternative site or even spreadsheet. which contains the max load & mass of every single item & block in the game. I play on the Console ver of the game (PS4 Only) [shame its never going to get updated ever again] anyone know of an alternative resource? as the gamepedia wiki only contains the mass of each block no max load anywhere...
  3. i feel like consoles are over, they had their run in the end the problem is COST as TFP have no experience in console development. probably very slim chance the game will updated in the future but that would be like 3-4+ more years. not sure why they could not simply sell the rights to the console build to another more trusted company that would port the game over. + the way game performs on console ATM i'd rather the game to be rebuilt from the ground up for console users. even if we have to wait a while i'd prefer a more stable build. best thing TFP can do now is start a kickstarter & hope they can generate enough funds to get the game ported to consoles again but thats a slim chance of succeeding. but with the mes with TTG i don't think they will be willing to trust in another publisher again.. *sigh*
  4. a built in map maker tool would be nice even if its run on PC input seed name or string and it generates map rather then having the whole game. as I am Mac user and running PC games in my VM isn't a very good idea... or maybe pimps could add in a button for console players when you open map to take an exact screen shot of the entire map in high resolution. (export functionality)
  5. good work dude, I my self keep a personal notebook on each seed name and try to map out each coordinates and biom area. I was thinking of making full map of popular seed names as in map out each road and town manually and then edit in photoshop and ass street labels and shop icons etc.. but since I console player only the image quality would not be as great as using a special map tool for PC...
  6. i feel like this has been answered somewhere but i cannot find it, why isn't Split-screen online MP implemented yet on console? i just don't see the limitation if its possible on local play...
  7. just to point out, i think unreal engine would of been the smarter choice, i have seen it used in a lot of popular games and and i have played many games that has used this engine since i was kid.
  8. i heard they haven't updated their engine for quite some time... read an article that about their "Ancient Technology Is Now Badly Hurting Their Games" i assume changing the games engine would be costly at this point of production? as a side-note, why didn't fun pimps build their own engine? not enough resources/funding? i know physics engines take a lot of time to build.
  9. @Gazz why did fun pimps go with Telltale games in the 1st place? why not have gone for a larger publisher which would have had larger funding & resources dedicated to 7D2D which in turn could of made this a bigger success.
  10. ok, i've been reading up on the comments. the way i see it. why not offload all the calculations and any other strenuous tasks on a dedicated server? why not break down the game to its core units and see what can be offloaded of the game consoles processor & Ram usage and instead loaded on an offsite server. and i agree with the point made where only map and graphical data should be rendered on the console, as for multiple player rendering in long vast distances apart, why not let the game to self optimise itself say if more ram usage is demanded etc, let the game to auto adjust rendering quality or amount of rendering. take distance terrain for example have the game reduce the view depth and field, make it smaller. say you are looking at a tall building or a wide building maybe only half of the building is showing and rest is covered with fog. as for my conclusion i believe this would be the best that could be done, try and optimise the game for offloading certain rendering or calculations onto a dedicated server setup or reduce the amount the game has to render depending on the amount of players. maybe do rendering in chunks? the player who is furthest away gets a blurry screen with a temp loading animation while the area they are in or going to is being rendered? (disable realtime rendering?, only render small sections of the area at a time, separated by loading animations from each area.) i'm pretty sure there are a lot of tricks out there to reduce rendering load...
  11. ok if processing power is the issue why not, offload some of the workload with the players that are connected to your world? say 1 ps4 can only handle 4 connections with the limited Ram & CPU Power, if you wanted 6-8 players then why not allow for like Cluster processing power, like combining multiple machines to increase processing power. I've seen something similar back when ps3 first came out. you could run this app and the more ps3's connected the more processing power the app had to solve complex equations. in the end what I am trying to say, cant you somehow send whatever the host cpu needs to generate and calculate to the clients gaming machine and let it calculate it, then clients machine simply sends over the result to the host. or to make the process smoother you could use a dedicated server, to help facilitate this connection, but the CPU processing power is all done via clients that are connected to the server. I doubt you would need a lot of these servers if all the processing power is being done via the clients connected to such server. we all know how crypto currency works, where you can combine multiple server farms over the internet for increased processing power to solve blocks. I know this is a bit far fetched, and may or may not work with current gen gaming consoles, could be limitations to OS or current running gaming engines, but not necessary impossible. (OS Update? re-build game on an engine that could do this?)
  12. let me expand on this, the landscape will be the same, the locations of towns and cities will be the same, the POI's however I believe these will be populated with buildings that are coded into the game, when ever console gets prisons etc... if you re-use same seed it should utilise those new buildings... but till then you will get something different or nothing at all at those locations (most likely) but as I said B4 landscape and major towns and city locations will always be the same... I've tested this...
  13. seeds are universal, should work but traders won't spawn thats all. I remember using some seeds from PC section on steam forums and it still worked...
  14. your links are dead, http://www.hydroxtv.tk/download/ <-- says It redirecting then it got to an adware site then avast starts alerting me maybe move to someplace reputable? like google drive or dropbox? Here Is a Mirror of what I had saved:​ 7D2D <-- faster mirror
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