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    Im Still here for Alpha 13 since Alpha 12.5 was released ;)
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  1. The only thing i need is VULKAN-Support when, its unnecessary. i just hope they implement it fine. This could be a Game-Changer. Best news poll since A11
  2. I wonder how you can get all upset. I've been around since Alpha 8 and have known the update cycle for ages it's been and always has been that the new Alphas really need and you need to sit back and relax on Alpha 17... wait as always... it can not be that it takes so long but it is like that and that is since the beginning. Just relax and wait for A17 Or Go Back to A8 and wait for A9 and then for A10 again. New releases will Always Take time. It's done when it's done.
  3. Nooooooooo Wayyyyy!!!! IF this is real i would Kiss all of you from Fun Pimps!! Nooooo i cant believe that!!! i cant! ^^
  4. i think that you have to Strech the goal a little bit further! 600.000$ ... Improve the Graphic massive, 700.000$ ... add Local-Coop, (that is my biggest wish... i know its complicated and hard to implement but ... that were unbelievable great) 800.000$ ... Support XBOX-360 Controller, That is MY Wishlist ... =/ 900.000$ ... Improve sound of Weapons! 1.000.000$ ... add 9 new Zombie Characters just for more fun, to give variety and long-term motivation! ... More Weapons would be awesome! ... And Pistol's with Flashlight like L4D2 (easy to craft so i think!) and Laser for SMG's and other! ... Flamethrower were also nice Thank you
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