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  1. I had an episode of stupidity just now... I recently started a new game to enjoy the full benefits of the latest patch and recently passed day 21 on that game. In my previous games it took quite a bit of time before I encountered zombie bears, way past day 100 so by then I had purple armour and powerful weapons. This time... a crossbow, a spiked club and a really dull wit. I went to hub city for a bit of looting and maybe I shouldn't have stayed past curfew but hey, the looting was good. So I come down one street and l and lo and behold there it is... big hulking shape in the dark, with the telltale black fur, standing there and hanging out with its' dog pals. And I think, dogs and a bear... nope, not tonight. So I turn to my left and... another friggin bear! This bear was alone though. Maybe he didn't like the dogs. I had just clobbered a feral with my new spiked club so filled with ill deserved confidence I thought - that thing will probably give me lots of hides, it's still a ways off so I can probably soften it up with my crossbow before it gets close enough for me to finish it off with the club. So the moral of the story is: if all you have is a crossbow, a spiked club and a really ill-concieved plan - stay the f*** away from the zombie bears.
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