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  1. @MM Are we gonna see more depth in to the game?
  2. I don t remember where and when, MM said that detonator was a week spot and if we want to "predetonate" ( i hope is the right word) him before it reach the base we have to shot the green spot on his chest...I was expecting insta boom! Yes, the delay gives you enough time to kill him before explodes, but... is not that "realistic", once activated, how can a ""dead/dead...zombie"" turn it off?!
  3. I have no idea what are you trying to say...I was speaking about the timer, not dmg. And yah, it dose a lot of dmg. What i m trying to say, is that it takes to long explode after we hit the timer... If i see him in the distance, i hit the detonator, and it still has enough time to get close to the base/traps... flower pots
  4. Why dose it takes so long for the demolisher to go "boom" after we hit the detonator? If i remember right, that is supposed to be a week spot, but we are trying to avoid hitting that spot... we already have cops doing the same thing.
  5. Are we gonna see any new block upgrades that is stronger than steel? Like how it was with "stainless steel block" but stronger, maybe "diamond block?! We already have diamond s, why not use them like an "end game upgrade/thing"? And they are pretty hard to come by...
  6. Hi, Has anything changed on loot abundance in A18.3? How dose it work? I started a new game with loot at 25, and i can t find anything in crates/bags/etc...
  7. Why they are not steel bars? We have steel ladder s, but i don t see the point in having a steal ladder and not having steel bars. Some prison cell door would be nice to have.
  8. Food is not a problem for me on day 38 ( for now )], i just started a farm just for fun to see how it works the new farm plots. I m on default, maybe that s why i find a S$^$lod of food and guns. Yah... is a bit difficult to take of and land with it on rooftops.
  9. Why the girocopter is not taking off/landing vertically?
  10. Can we find schematics for every item that need s to be unlocked? Or just for weapons?
  11. Yes... Having multiple spawn bags/beds is a big + to the game. There are a few games (ARK, Rust, ...) that use this system and is nice to chose were to spawn. The down side on 7DTD will be that is a bit cheating, why? Well, trying NOT to die in this game is an extra challenge, if we have multiple spawn points, dying is just a "tool" of teleportation on the map. ( personal opinion),
  12. @MM, Awesome horde night! Can we have a video about a Looting run , mining or building your base? ( you know, something to quench our thirst)
  13. I was expecting more from the Demolisher, is not doing any dmg to block s from what i can see in the video.
  14. Yah... We relay need that, or at least naming the storage boxes would be enough
  15. @MM, One question: Why only jars? PET bottles are a bit more realistic in my opinion.
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