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  1. I don t know if it was asked before: Did the pathing on z's got reworked/improved? Now the z's are to smart in a stupid way, we can tell them were to go ( one way bridge/ditch) and just shoot at them with an M60, etc...
  2. Q: What exactly the drone do?! Just fallow s you everywhere and starts shooting at Z s? Will it have mods, storage, refuel, ammo types? Can we use it as an umbrella when it rains?
  3. Are we gonna see any new Pregen maps?
  4. Yes.... We should have an option to enable Z s, in the city s...
  5. @MM Are we gonna see more depth in to the game?
  6. Are we gonna see any new block upgrades that is stronger than steel? Like how it was with "stainless steel block" but stronger, maybe "diamond block?! We already have diamond s, why not use them like an "end game upgrade/thing"? And they are pretty hard to come by...
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