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  1. Don't play Alpha games if you don't want to start over with most updates. Just wait til Gold.
  2. How old is your world? I restart after almost every update. Alpha games are usually bad for people that want to run the same world for a really long time.
  3. Same. I don't see a stable build in Steam.
  4. God I miss the original Everquest. What server did you play on?
  5. I'm sorry but that "PTSD TRIGGER WARNING" was not enough warning for the horror you unleashed when I clicked to reveal the hidden content. I may have to make an extra appointment with my therapist because of you. I hope you are happy. 🤬
  6. Is it possible you have the 32 bit version of Java installed? If so, try the 64 bit version. https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Programs running in a 32 bit Java VM have a lot less memory available.
  7. And for those on 8, you really should update to 8.1. 8 is getting ZERO security patches as far as I know. It is a completely unsupported version at this point.
  8. Hehe. That's been in vanilla since one of the A16 point releases. I remember people bitching and moaning about it on the forums.
  9. I think the cliffs are just random. They depend on what random terrain is next to the wasteland. The wasteland itself is intentional.
  10. 8 or 8.1? They don't do any kind of patching to Windows 8. They stopped that not long after 8.1 came out.
  11. I have 4.7.1 installed on about 90 PCs at work.
  12. Is the update pushed out yet or will you post in here when it is. I want to start a new map but I want to wait til new update.
  13. Is there a list of changes anywhere yet?
  14. You can't launch already downloaded mods? I didn't realise that.
  15. Unless they have completely rewritten the backup feature on Steam it doesn't touch your game saves. At least it didn't the last time I messed around with it.
  16. If you make that change I would suggest changing the name of the "Test Mod Sync" button. Most people don't expect a button labeled "Test" to make actual changes to their system.
  17. Is this being done as an open source project? I would love to see the source code and possibly contribute.
  18. Yeah, after I posted it I tried to think of where I would've defaulted it to if I was writing it and decided that I would've probably chosen the steamapps directory which is a MUCH worse place to use as default so straight under C:\ is probably the safest choice by far. Like I said, I really love the app so thanks again for all the hard work you've put into it.
  19. Just downloaded and installed the Mod Launcher. I love it so far and the setup was extremely easy. If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to change the default directory from being directly below C:\. That is a bad place to put files and could eventually lead to issues with antivirus software deleting/quarantining files. AV software is a lot more picky when scanning files that don't go into the normal directory structure in Windows. I know I can change it but I didn't notice until after I had installed several mods. It's not a huge deal but it really isn't the proper place to create directories. Thanks for all the work I'm sure this took. It is a really nice program and looks great. Gnomaana
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