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  1. Not entirely accurate. It's not directly used up but, without Oxygen, ATP(that IS directly used up) would run out rather quickly.
  2. I'm just curious, and being a fan of RNG dictating play I don't mind either way, but will random gen have all Traders on every map or...?
  3. Your comment has a syntax error. Your /sarc tags are unbalanced. It probably won't compile.
  4. It's almost like you take someone saying good luck as an insult. It's not. Someone can work just as hard as you have and still not make it. Things completely out of your control DID happen that also helped. They could have just as easily happened in a way that hurt. That doesn't take away from the fact you worked your a$$ off and are really good at what you do. But it is a fact of life in a universe ruled by chaotic influences.
  5. You're both wrong. The best fast food burger is the Baconator and the best fast food sandwich is the Wendy's Spicy Chicken.
  6. I wouldn't mind that fix anyway. I don't recall exactly what the other issue was but I know this wasn't the first time a small bug/inconvenience was caused by the damage bleeding over to the next stage. And why would that be the only fix? The bleed over HAS to be being applied to the new "object" or the new object wouldn't get destroyed from it. So it should/may be possible to trigger the door knob "harvest" and still have the excess damage. Though, like I said, I wouldn't mind the damage not carrying over. Though I would imagine this is such an edge case it can't be considered high priority. It's a minor inconvenience at worst.
  7. That is literally the definition of a bug. You could use that as an example in a programming class.
  8. Is it possible you have the 32 bit version of Java installed? If so, try the 64 bit version. https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Programs running in a 32 bit Java VM have a lot less memory available.
  9. 1) I never stated anything as a fact or even "should" be true. I asked why it would. 2) Maybe in the past they have rolled RWG changes and world changes together but that can't be mandatory. If it was, the third party RWG tools couldn't work. Maybe the way TFP is making RWG changes they are also modifying things about how the terrain and other objects in the world are defined. I could certainly understand that happening, especially in an Alpha game. I mean who better to find things that need tweaked about the world files than the team responsible for trying to generate maps from all the data? That would explain why the third party tool works. That person can't really change the way things like trees are stored and used by the game engine so their tools would have no chance of breaking already generated maps. The TFP team on the other hand would, and probably should, be able to decide something along the lines of, "Hey, this problem with RWG would be much easier to solve if we tweaked the way the data is used by the engine at the same time." TLDR version: After more consideration I seem to agree with you. Lol
  10. Why would a change to the random world gen force a restart? Why would it affect an already generated world at all?
  11. And for those on 8, you really should update to 8.1. 8 is getting ZERO security patches as far as I know. It is a completely unsupported version at this point.
  12. Hehe. That's been in vanilla since one of the A16 point releases. I remember people bitching and moaning about it on the forums.
  13. I think the cliffs are just random. They depend on what random terrain is next to the wasteland. The wasteland itself is intentional.
  14. 8 or 8.1? They don't do any kind of patching to Windows 8. They stopped that not long after 8.1 came out.
  15. I have 4.7.1 installed on about 90 PCs at work.
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