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  1. 27 minutes ago, sphereii said:

    XPath can only find nodes and values and allow changes to them; But it cannot read in the original value enough to do any kind of math on them, so your current path won't result in what you want done.


    Thank you  and  - ill go back to  doing it entity by entity  - and redo each time they change entity names  :) ah well


    Rather interestingly -  my idea actually breaks the entire game  -  no zombies no animals and the traders is always locked and bounces you 

    Im assuming then it sets all to *25  rather than multiplying it and  as zombieboe no longer exists all entities are removed 

  2. ok  - people who know more than I do - which is 99% of you

    I have been fighting with trying to vary zombie xp without editing every  single zombie - tried this

    <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[contains(@name, 'ExperienceGain')]/@value">*.25</set>  


    set all  occurrences of experiencegain on a zombie entity to  25% of what it was .


    which "logically" should work as far as I understand BUT it doesnt  


    please put me out of my misery before i smack my head through a wall  :)

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