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  1. Thank you and - ill go back to doing it entity by entity - and redo each time they change entity names ah well Rather interestingly - my idea actually breaks the entire game - no zombies no animals and the traders is always locked and bounces you Im assuming then it sets all to *25 rather than multiplying it and as zombieboe no longer exists all entities are removed
  2. ok - people who know more than I do - which is 99% of you I have been fighting with trying to vary zombie xp without editing every single zombie - tried this <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[contains(@name, 'ExperienceGain')]/@value">*.25</set> set all occurrences of experiencegain on a zombie entity to 25% of what it was . which "logically" should work as far as I understand BUT it doesnt please put me out of my misery before i smack my head through a wall :)
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