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  1. I ended up testing it and yeah. Got the same result. Just wish I knew how to build a mesh now to get some of these other prefabs loaded to work with the LOD system. Would be freaking sweet. Thanks for looking Blurt!
  2. out of curiosity, if I wanted to included a prefab in with this for RWG, I just need to add the prefab to the various prefab rules it applies to right?
  3. Have two request for you Pille. I'd like to have a check box or an option that keeps the block I've selected focused in the Edit window or in the Info window. Right now as I navigate around the map, i can only hover over a block to see it's Info. But I apparently cannot edit it. The second request is some way to help us identify block facing. I know you have rotation options. But there's no way to know what facing a rotation gives via the tool. Something to help this when building would be fantastic!
  4. I must be installing this wrong. I setup a Dedicated Server on my local machine and am able to get into the world. However I copied the contents of BCManager into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Data" and it's not working. There's a variety of "how to install mods" out there and i'm messing up something not getting this installed right. Reinstalling my server and trying again. :-/ EDIT: Figured it out. Way to many "How To Install Mods" articles/videos out there and they seem to vary notably. Found Stompy's " " video and came to understand that there's supposed to be a "Mods" folder in the "7 Days to Die Dedicated Server" folder. So... the install is just dropping the BCManager folder into the following folder... "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Mods" Where the "7 Days to Die Dedicated Server" folder contains the following other folders: "7DaysToDieServer_Data" "Data"
  5. Sorry if I missed this question browsing. But this is only for dedicated server? It won't work if I install the mod on my local machine and start up a creative mode game?
  6. My daughter started a Local game so we could split screen called "Girl Talk".... /facepalm. Still, the hub city has a lot of stores. Haven't found any towns. But we did find a few intersections with a store and a few buildings. Like an intersection up north of the hub city with a Crack'a Book and an unmarked store. Weird map, but kind of interestingly barren save the the odd intersections.
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