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  1. I keep getting that randomly as well. Trash bags/boxes, garage doors at POIs, trader gates, trash cans, etc randomly glitch
  2. Sorry if I have missed it, but has anyone been back through the food and drink buffs? Coffee and Mega Crush in particular just don't seem to last long enough to be useful unless you bring a bunch
  3. "A55hole" has tons of POIs in a large and nearly perfect circle of cities. Also seed "999555999" looks good with a mix of biomes and a decent amount of towns on the northern and western sides of the map in the snow and grassy biomes
  4. Seed "A55hole" is amazing. I have never seen so many cities so close together
  5. I am waiting for updated RWG and the crafting station timers to be fixed. Things are taking way too long to craft even with the intelligence perks. I know it is a known issue, but it really needs to work.
  6. The seed " @###@ " is a really good seed. Nice mix of biomes and some huge cities.
  7. My random gen world seed FearlessHulk has a stadium! First one I have found in random gen.
  8. Evilchyld2018 Evilchyld2018 is a good seed. Can someone post a pic of it for me?
  9. Crackpot Texas had posted a video that said Valencia was a really good seed. It has 10 towns, 11 traders, and most of the towns are in green biomes.
  10. I am xlxFEARLESSxlx on psn. I play anytime between 4pm and 11pm EST on weekdays and basically anytime 8am-3am on weekends. I play PvE with my wife, but we enjoy playing with mature people who follow the community rule. Everything except your weapon belongs to the team, so sharing is a must. No hoarding, only killing hordes is allowed.
  11. I would love to see the following added: 1. Masks or Face protection (hockey mask, welders mask etc) in the eye protection slot maybe? Running in the woods with full iron armor, hockey mask, and a fire ax or machete would make pvp interesting. 2. Make the large bed a loot container so I can store money, a pistol, or other small things in it. 3. Fishing (I know its mentioned already but bears repeating) 4. More mobilty for these huge maps. A hang glider to use from a mountain or building top maybe?
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