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  1. If they could just tear through bases like warm butter and climb anything and just topple the base you've worked so hard on with ease it would present the opposite problem and a lot of people would hate it. It would completely ruin the tower defense style aspect of horde night. if you don't like ai exploits then don't do it. or find or make a server where others feel the same as you. i have been building the same style bases since I started on a10 or so. a beefy tower surrounded by spikes or a moat where i shoot down at them. It gets damaged and I have fun on horde nights. that's what I enjoy so thats what I do. Do you think that if there were zombies in real life people wouldn't exploit their lack of intelligence?
  2. He has now bought the game and started playing! LOL
  3. We've recently realized that our buddy looks just like the madmole model in game. When we mentioned it and showed him the screenshot on the left, he replied with the photo on the right. It's uncanny and he doesn't even play the game. I feel like he has to now lol
  4. Hopefully with the vehicle revision the 4x4 can get a little faster. Awesome vehicle but I feel like the top speed is pretty weak.
  5. Yeah it's the multicolored corn that is generally from a wild variety, the yellow stuff is white man corn. And with Monsanto genetically modifying almost all corn, it will probably be around after us lol
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