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  1. A toggle to turn off Creepy Sound would be nice. The fact the Creepy Sounds are baked into 'Ambience' is a little unfortunate. Those random scratch sounds, or the distant alarm in the Burnt Biome is really annoying, because they're very specific, and don't variate, kind of a PTSD thing brewing here. Would really like to be able to turn off those 'Creepy Sounds' and keep Ambience on. It's nice being able to hear crickets, birds, wind and so on. Maybe just having more toggles for the different types of sound in general. https://vocaroo.com/1eJxZwOpO0sB <-- This sound for example in the Burnt Biome, is literally a 7 second loop repeating over, and over, and over, and over..
  2. Most likely isn't done because of a lack of 'retype password' field to make sure you don't make an error. Would be nice to have a 'streamer mode' with settings.
  3. I think Screamer was already updated. Unless you mean a third (?) itiration?
  4. I was being facetious but if rumors are Summer, that'll be cool. Hopefully just before the Holidays to absolutely smash some online play and get some mega bases going with my friends. ;d
  5. a20 wen? Love the changelog so far. Can't wait for the distant renders to look true to the world. Sucks so much to see a perfectly good Skyscraper all of a sudden disappear since it got blown up.
  6. It'd be nicer if the Ghille Suit took the slots of... Mask, Shirt, Pants Instead it uses Helmet, Jacket, Pants. Making us sacrifice our helmet, and leather duster. It might even be better if we could have the Ghillie Suit as a Mod Item instead?
  7. Sand Bags are reserved as a Dev block because stacking them would look wrong. There's no use for them other tthan aesthettic I believe.
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