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  1. Been playing the heck out A17-E, literally. Must've been lucky, no bugs or crashes yet. Although while pedaling backwards running from a (feral?) grey wolf I kept punching but the wolf's hits never registered. Maybe I timed my punches right so he couldn't land the bite attacks? It just seemed off, I won though. A17 is great, feels like a whole new game. Best release to date, thanks TFP
  2. Guys & Gals, drop everything you're doing: I'm psyched outta my mind right now! I swear, I'm doing an all-nighter! With pen & paper ready because I will be too lazy to tab to windows and write down bugs, and I want to enjoy the new scenery and lighting.
  3. Now that was a funny F5 meme! And on that note, I'm going in-game now to say goodbye to my fortress, with pounds and pounds of TNT and a few zillion gas barrels on a horde night.
  4. Well, if you're right then we know you're (dev) faatal in disguise
  5. Could the suspense beeeeeee any longer? I'll be playing A17-E 12 hours straight, that's for darn tootin'
  6. Can y'all tell me where you bought them magic glass balls?
  7. I have a strong feeling it won't be today. We haven't been offered any reassurance that it'll be released today, and they probably want those issues that showed up during the streams fixed before a public release. Which will probably just delay everything even further.
  8. Yes, thank you MM and every one on TFP team for making what looks to be yet another great release. Love you guys
  9. Take this comment, in any shape way or form you'd like, I just want to say; about god-damn time. *logging off*
  10. Fair enough I was just not aware of this. *Puts ketchup on the plate along with a knife & fork*
  11. My personal favorite: "A rather weight challenged woman: How DARE you say that to my face" "Al Bundy: Well, I'd say it behind your back, but my car only got a half-a-tank of gas!" Man I love that show, I have all the episodes Al: Peg, you wanna get that? (doorbell ringing) It's probably the homeless on their "It-could-be-worse"- tour
  12. A person once taught me in life that, if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all. That being said I know A17 will be worth the wait, that is what's holding me over I just know it's gonna be awesome! So I don't see time as relevant, as far as a release goes
  13. Can't wait for A18! Pooping confirmed. Are we there yet!?
  14. I wouldn't say always I mean, who knows what the future might bring for 7D2D. I have a feeling the devs don't like that people hide from the threats underground, and they're doing something about it. I can just imagine the thrill of thinking I'm safe dug down deep, only to hear them scream and punch their way into my underground base, talk about being cornered, hah. Same! I never really understood digging down deep to avoid the zombies, where's the fun in that!? Agreed, they're supposed to be feral at night, I have no problem with them running like crazy with digging skills like a mad mole (no pun). I'm super psyched about A17!!
  15. That is going to be one of the first things I will try; to see if I am truly not safe anywhere. First on the list is the biggest, tallest, building in the game. I must say, I'm really happy about the digging zombies feature. That is what I'm looking forward to the most. I mean, it is 7 days to die. I don't want to feel safe at the 7th day of the week (Like RL). I bet a lot of people are going to hate not being secure down at bedrock level
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