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  1. Garden of Eden Towns..._ Hub 0/0, 1100S/1100E, 3000S/500E, 2300N/700E, 1000S/2400E, 2500S/2000E, 2300N/2500E, 2500N/1000W, 3300S/1100W, 970S/2700W, 400N/1600W Crossrads 1400S/750W, 600N/3500W, 300N/ 2650E Traders 3270S/1460E, 720S/3030E, 760N/600E, 950N/2120E, 1270N/411E, 2845N/2270E, 3480S/415W, 3520N/1760W, 1600N/1300W, 230N/3770W, 3660N/1230W I think I got them all in correctly lol. And since you are on Ghostlight I will post trader locals. Ghostlight Traders 400N/2200W, 850N/3800W, 2090N/3320W, 1180N/780W, 1660N/500W, 3590N/1260W, 820N/820E, 1280N/1470E, 3030N/1240E, 1500N/3360E, 1950S/2020W, 2100S/1450W, 3150S/2330W, 1390S/3650W, 3800S,/640E
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. For me it is water and then wasteland that i hate. I know it is hard to avoid them all together, but i hate maps with huge amounts of those biomes. I like All Alone, but the marks against it for me are the POI's are ok not great and the desert biome is small. Ghostlight has a lot of traders and biomes are fine, but the whole eastern side of the map has a lot of water and a large wasteland. Only good thing is none of the 15 traders are over there lol. The best one that I found is I think Garden of Eden. Biomes are great. It has water and wasteland of course but the are not to large and easy to go around them or through them with roads. I just try different maps out when I play with friends, if one looks pretty good I share it here. Still looking for that perfect map though lol NOTE ; I have cords for these maps if anyone wants them, just ask.
  3. First what makes a map good to you? Everyone has different opinions. I will list my good maps for you. Just remember map names are case sensitive, so if I type a capital letter in the name you have to use it also! Garden of Eden 11 towns, 3 crossroads, 11 traders All Alone 11 towns, 4 crossroads, 13 traders Ghostlight 10 towns, 4 crossroads, 15 traders Sugarplum 11 towns, 6 crossroads, 10 traders Iridescence 10 towns, 4 crossroads, 8 traders. This 1 has 3 hub cities
  4. If anyone is still looking for seeds this 1 has lots of traders. The eastern side of map is where some water and wasteland is kocated, but as no traders are over there it is not a problem. Seed name: Ghostlight (capital G) 10 cities 4 crossroads 15 traders! If you build about 700 N / 1200 W you are pretty close to 7 traders
  5. What seed are you playing? Not all the seeds mentioned here have videos
  6. Sorry for the late reply but I think I found one you may like Jysen. Seed name: Garden of Eden ( note capitals G and E) 11 cities, 10 towns, 1 Hub 3 crossroads 11 traders Large biomes with good snow, some wasteland in 2 areas but easy to get around them or through with roads. 2 deserts 1 large biome. Snow is mostly in the cental north of map with 3 of the traders there. Water is good, not to large and easy to get around. Large forest, grasslands and plains. I have cords for traders and cities if you want them. My PSN name is Hoots_ (note underscore after Hoots) you can send a message and can give them to you if you are on PS4
  7. Thanks Berserk for posting a image for All Alone, hope some people find it useful. Found another map that some people may want to try. seed name: Iridescence ( note capital i at begining) Has 10 cities. 2 full sized hub, 1 mini hub, 7 towns 5 crossroads 9 traders Large biomes ( yes sadly wasteland is large also) Some water, however the 2 are at the edge of the map near irradiation zones, 1st is north, 2nd is smaller and in sotheast section 1 missile silo, 1 booby trap, a few military compounds, sadly no O'Reallys auto part. Water and wastland are both mainly in the north. Desert, plains, and greens in the south and east, and west areas of map. Snow in northeast
  8. Seed name: All Alone It has 9 cities plus 1 hub 3 crossroads 12 traders ZERO water / lakes Large green and snow biomes Little dessert and wastelands Most poi's, no missle silo or booby trap
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