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  1. oh, that's a pretty simple one and it's the exact same reason they sold the rights to port a game that even their own employees say wasn't ready.
  2. lol, telltale wanted to do differently? are we supposed to believe telltale was calling the shots at TFP's this is getting ridiculous, I know you really, really dont want to accept the TFP's role in this mess but you're not fooling anyone but yourself. no one forced TFP's to do anything, if the game wasnt ready for port, why was it ported? TT couldn't have moved ahead without TFP's consent and of course a contract. so, in reality (and I know this is gonna hurt but the truth will set you free) if TFP's were capable of making better business decisions on stuff like this, they likely wouldn't of had to just spend a bunch of money and time to get the rights back to a game that never should have been contracted out in the first place.
  3. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?119213-Hopes-and-Worries-about-the-Telltale-Closure-and-Future-of-Console-Edition
  4. not sure if this still holds true.... just went through the day 35 and 42 horde and didnt get a single cop or feral. makes it more worth while to go do some mining than waste the arrows / weapon durability. that's on insane difficulty with 150 - 200 kills and no deaths. I wont go into the loot too much but the best was 100 9mm followed by a pair of shorts...... lame
  5. the rights have already been sold, so I'm gonna say.... absolutely nothing.
  6. no, 3 years+ later, I shouldn't have to pay for them to fix a game that was broken on launch. we buy multiple copies for multiple platforms and I have no problem buying DLC. more often than not we order the premium /season pass versions of games. I just dont see myself doing that for the only game I own that has overwritten my game saves for 3 years running with no fix / work around.
  7. MD5 originates from the PC version
  8. no, DLC wont fix the overwriting of my game saves. if they released an actual working game for the next, next generation consoles I might consider buying that but would be very wary of another broken game being released as a finished product. sadly this stigma will always be associated with TFP.
  9. you mean the file system that was established long before the broken game was released? the same file system that hundreds of developers use without erasing our game saves? if xbox had moved the goal posts, then yes it would be Microsoft's doing but they didnt. the problem came from the PC version and was known to exsist long before the release of the game on console. so as I've said before, the game was broken on release, is broken to this day and will remain broken forever. sadly that is the legacy of the game and it reflects on TFP whether you want to admit it or not.
  10. no one has to say it, three years after launch we still dont have one, speaks for itself.
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