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  1. Do you need like 16 gb of ram to run these?
  2. Erm... its really easy to update this. Copy and paste the contents of itemicons into a new folder called ItemIconAtlas
  3. friedonions


    Thanks bro, I almost have it working. Just need to figure out the controls.xml files.
  4. How can I make this work with the GNAmod ui? It says it can't use the workbenches cuz they are not in the xui. And Gnamod has to load last or it won't work. i need to find a way to combine the ui in this with the GNAmod ui.
  5. friedonions


    Sorry if this has been asked already. But how do I get this to work with Firearms 2? If I load this last, i can't use the workbenches from firearms 2. But if i load firearms 2 last, it just freezes on loading UI. Wat should I do? I can research it, I just need to know where to start. Proabably the faq... idk It looks like I can just copy and paste some stuff into your xui.xml file?
  6. entity 7278 was spamming me so I killed him. did 999999 damage to him. rip.
  7. friedonions

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Currently using V3.26. I searched loot.xml for bloodDrawkit and it only brings up this: <lootcontainer id="70" count="2,5" size="8,9" destroy_on_close="true" sound_open="UseActions/open_chest" sound_close="UseActions/close_chest" loot_quality_template="baseTemplate"> <item group="militaryguns+ammo"/> <item group="rareBooks"/> <item group="airdropMedicine"/> <item group="herbalRecipes"/> <item group="questChallenge"/> <item name="calipers" prob="0.075"/> <!-- = 5% --> <item name="toolAndDieSet" prob="0.075"/> <item name="bloodDrawKit" prob="0.03"/> </lootcontainer> I'm just assuming that is an air drop.
  8. friedonions

    A16 Valmod Pack

    What about expansion? Like in vanilla you can find the blood draw kits on nurses. But in the Valmod Expansion its a 3 % chance from an air drop. Just wondering why.
  9. friedonions

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hey Valmar, sorry if I'm wrong about this but can you only get a blood draw kit from the air drops now? Is this intended? Would it be OP if I added it to the merchant mailbox thingy?
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