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  1. Ok guys struggling with the same problem here... everyone is playing and suddenly someone says he cant log in, we check the players list and that player shows as online! Next we can only delete caracter and create a new one, because he cant ever ever ever log again! The server is running in my place and the specifications are: Core i9 9900K 64Gb DDR4 3000 2x SSD 250GB Windows 10 Pro Everything was reset, fresh start.. still same problem:(
  2. Hello there! Im facing a huge problem here, i have a server running with a few ppl playing since the latest alpha.. now we having problems with the DB i believe.. once in a while ppl one of the profiles gets corrupted and the player cant log in anymore... Some of the times we created new caracters others we are able to restore a backup, but then it happens again to another caracter... and we cant figure what and how it happens... today 2 weren't able to reconnect... and we are a bit lost now... We have the map on Navezgane and usually 5/6 play at same time but we have 12 players Hope someone can get us a solution... everyone on stand by atm Thank you all! Xena
  3. Well if the animal will jump around like actual dogs do... No thanks.. Hate those lol And actors voices? Anyone can do that why spend money on that ? All the other things seam great... Using the imagination that a zombie can as a new abitlity to shoot us... Would be nice to get some protection to our body? Armor stats ...?
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