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  1. While you are shopping i thought I'd throw my case in here for you. Researched cases for months and ended up here. Looks great, MASSIVE AIR FLOW, lots of room and just all around the best case I ever had. The price is a joke for what you get. http://www.phanteks.com/Eclipse-P600s.html Also, I ended up getting the Rog Strix 2060 super and it's a beast, highly recommended.
  2. I've had horde night turned off since early Alpha 18. Jail doors have been removed, spikes have been removed, polished steel has been removed, under ground is no longer an option and the super strength zombies chew pretty much through everything else within seconds. Toothy and similar bases are pointless now. Solar panels are not obtainable unless you get the highest barter skill and even if you manage to pay the ridiculous price for them, the vultures will tear them down in no time so if you go the electronics route, be prepared to grind for gas and tons of parts for repairs. Later at higher game stages the vultures with exploding puke will ensure you have to repair EVERY SINGLE BLOCK on your base after every horde night, even blocks that are hidden 2-3 blocks BEHIND others where you'll never get to in order to repair them. That was a bit frustrating to say the least..at which point I thought "you win" and turned off the horde all together. All creativity has been stripped from building now, it's cheese or suffer. I thought about just making a cheese base back then but I later figured I might as well turn off horde all together. This might be another reason I choose not even to try alpha 19 and am waiting on improvements. Hope some of these methods help you, I am a "veteran player" and I don't understand them lol but maybe you will.
  3. Since I currently have the same opinion as Scyris on this alpha, I thought I'd throw in a counter argument. Below is a post from myself about a previous alpha. " I have to agree. The new blocks and textures, the painting and all the POI upgrades in general look amazing and really make exploring much more fun than it used to be. Mods added a lot to the game, the item customization, new weapons..there's just so much I could go on for days. The game is looking and feeling great, having a blast with it!" Just some food for thought.
  4. Well seeing as to how the streamers got it a week early I couldn't play and by the time that week was done, I had seen all I need to see. EVERY person I watched and I watched them all a bit, had an inventory full of them within like an hour so I find your statement hard to believe or maybe you just had bad luck or good luck depending on how you feel about the thing. I was never a fan of it since I started playing around Alpha 8 or so. Even if my experience were to be similar to yours what would I get instead, stone tools? I'm sorry, that doesn't do it for me. I'm bored before I start knowing that no matter what poi I find and no matter what box I find that I am limited to a very small selection of the same few stone items. I don't want it all at the start but knowing there is a chance to get ANYTHING is what drives me to go loot. Not knowing what you will get makes it exciting for me. I'm currently playing Space Engineers and working on a really nice ship. When I sit down to play I do consider my options and I'm more inclined to work on my ship atm based on what I saw and the performance issues I had when I started up the game and ran around for 5 minutes. I'm just being honest as bad as it may sound to some but this is how I feel about it. I'm not rage quitting, I'm not cursing the devs, I'm simply not inclined to play it in this current state and that's fine. I had the same frustration when they added the hunger sounds in Alpha 10 or 11 I think and it sounded like my guy was @%$*#!ting himself every few seconds lol. I actually went back an Alpha then because I couldn't take it. Eventually it improved and I forgot all about it. I'll let them sort it out and try it again when Alpha 20 drops.
  5. I voted 1 because as is, I can't find the desire to even start a game after seeing so many blunderbusses on the Youtubers play through. That said I don't keep up with the dev diary so I had no idea what future plans were and after reading them now I find them very interesting. The reason I voted option 1 is because the question was "how do you feel about the CURRENT loot progression" and in the current state it is in, I can't bring myself to play it. I think it was a bad idea to release this in the current state it is in because we have to live with it for quite some time. The reason I dislike it is because when I start a game, the worst part for me is having to break that first stone, that first tree. You literally beat on those things like 50 times before you get a little stone or wood so I usually don't gather much material until I have a few skills, I just can't do it with the stamina restrictions. Instead I go looting, kill some zambies and level a bit to increase my stamina and the speed in which I can gather materials to start building anything. As it is now, looting is no longer worth it imo and I have no clue what I am supposed to even do other than suffer lol. I really can't imagine how to even begin and this is what stopped me from playing A19. I knew there would be changes eventually and I'm sure we have all skipped an Alpha so it's not a big deal to me really. There are more things that add to my hesitation and that is the fact that not all zombies are done yet and I'd kinda like to see the whole package when it is done rather than half done. There are also other things like performance but that is a discussion for another thread or could just be my PC which is good but could have some kind of issue somewhere and I just don't feel like messing with it as all other games run perfectly. Long story short, the CURRENT state is awful but what they have planned for the future as far as looting goes sounds really good. I'm confident they will hit the sweet spot eventually.
  6. Here are my recipes until someone makes better ones. Made 12 easy to use helper blocks, enjoy! https://www.filedropper.com/unnecessarybutbeautiful Edit> These were made for A18.3
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