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  1. Here are my recipes until someone makes better ones. Made 12 easy to use helper blocks, enjoy! https://www.filedropper.com/unnecessarybutbeautiful Edit> These were made for A18.3
  2. Sure you "can" buld a cheap pc that runs "games" but we are talking about this game which is a voxel game and it is far from optimized. Sure you can buy a pc for $300-$500 dollars but you will not enjoy the experience. You will have a very low frame rate and you will be sacrificing a lot of gfx details. If you want to enjoy the game like the streamers you watch you're going to have to spend a bit more. My budget ended up at $1200 to play this and every game at 1080p all settings on ultra. If you already play on console, save up a bit longer and take the better experience but that's my opinion of course.
  3. Yeah that looks okay I guess, I'd upgrade to a gfx card with 8gb probably and 16gb ram is pretty much standard today, then you'd be at that $800 low budget more or less as mentioned.
  4. Gonna have to strongly disagree here, $300-$500 is nowhere near enough unless you go used and even then I highly doubt it. If you want to run this game at 1080p you will be getting close to the $1000 mark. The gpu alone costs you around $300. Then you need.. Motherboard A cpu. cpu cooler if you go Intel 16gb ram 500 watt psu A case SSD If you go cheap and shop around maybe $800 but then you will be turning down some gfx and you aren't buying a pc to play it how it looks on console. $1000 dollars is a good budget to aim for, you want a mid-range pc to really enjoy the game.
  5. I guess that does explain why the op used it but it doesn't change that fact that it's a racial slur nor does that explain why communist potatoes are running rampant on this forum. If I were to use the exact same avatar with a swastika on it all hell would break loose. I'm not saying that's something I agree with but I will say seeing the communist symbol being accepted as normal and okay makes my blood boil but I digress. Carry on.
  6. Wow this forum sure is slacking, we got people talking about redneck poi locations, people using communist avatars. Would say good job on the free speech part if..it was consistent on both sides of the isle..
  7. Most of this is your opinion. I agree that many people cry about things because they refuse to adapt but you too belong to one of these groups. You say "Alpha 16 was great - but it was FAR from perfect" that's your opinion, others may find it perfect. You say A16 was " too easy to tech up on day one and have an invincible base and endless farm by the end of week one", others say turn up the difficulty. You mentioned "many guns and ammo" in A16, if I remember correctly there was a great brass shortage in pretty much every alpha but A18 and you weren't getting a lot of ammo early game at all. Even less if you turned down the loot drop percentage. So you want less ammo because you refused to turn down the loot. It's all about opinions and I can pick many more out of your post but I think you get the point. My point was we are here to exchange OPINIONS and mostly all of these opinions can be changed with settings such as loot percentage. I just dislike the fact that his opinion means that he is "butt hurt" where as yours are to be accepted as fact. Sorry but that's not the case. Edit: "Whatever line you take, it's a road lined with options which you chose to take or not to take." That includes "You could literally concrete up a base, surround it with wooden spikes in week 1, add a few gun turrets in week 2 and never have to fight or fear a horde ever again for the rest of the game." That's a line you chose to take, most likely on an easy difficulty with 150% loot or something like that.
  8. It's pretty insulting to make that assumption. This game is in the alpha stages and has went through many changes so that the game play feels very different from one alpha version to another. It's not that people want to play the game one way, it's that they buy the game and learn to love it and then it changes. They then adapt and it changes again and on it goes. I personally like the current state but we did lose a lot of the feeling that the older versions gave us so it's perfectly normal that some are not happy with the current state of the game. This could easily change in an alpha or two later but it's just a fact of life with games like this where you get to experience the development. The devs need the freedom to experiment and try new things and some of those ideas don't work, others are amazing. To those who don't like the current version the best advice would be stick around and have patience, nothing is written in stone and all feedback is important. I'm sure the end product will be amazing, I have no doubts there.
  9. I agree. We ran the game using an I3 8350k 4x 4Ghz, all settings on ultra (nothing disabled) with a Rog Strix 1070ti 8gb and got a solid 60-70 fps. I don't think the cpu is the key here, I believe you need a massive gfx card and at least 16 gb ram but who really knows..
  10. I voted no because throwing that into the already broken hunger system will be too annoying. You eat too much, you die of starvation after one day not eating and it's annoying enough as it is. That said, if the whole hunger mechanic was reworked "slow starvation" I'd be all for it but as is, no.
  11. I've been good all year and want a jail door for Christmas. Need a door that I can shoot through and it was the only double door in the game.
  12. Finally some real info! We need more of this. I am currently shopping for a new GFX card mainly for this game and was stuck between the 1660ti (6gb) and the 2060 Super (8gb). I was already worried that the 6 gb on the 1660 wouldn't be enough and this pretty much confirms it as I want a little extra head room. 2060 Super it is. This really helps people out as many are willing to spend the money to run this great game yet simply don't know what the game needs.
  13. The reality of the matter is these consoles aren't strong enough to really run this game. I wish it were different and they made a good attempt at it but the console is fighting like hell to even run that version, there's no way it will run A18. Next gen MAYBE, but I wouldn't count on it. Save up for a PC this go around, you have more freedom and just...more. You can get a mid range gaming PC or around 1000 bucks more or less. That would be my honest advice for all console players who want to really play this game.
  14. Good tips, some of which I will definitely consider the next time I start a new game.
  15. Yeah but nobody dies of starvation after a day or two of hard work without food, water is a different story. Right now we have tons of food and eating is used like energy drinks. Crops and everything food related would have to be adjusted to the new system of course, nothing would stay as is. You could even add spoilage to a system like this as long as plenty of ways to prevent it are added. Everything happens too fast. You find food too fast, you are hungry too fast, you die too fast and you get tired too fast. It seems to be on a daily cycle and I'd like to get it to a weekly cycle and reduce these massive amounts of food we see. Food would be the most rare thing you could ever find in this post apocalyptic world.
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