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  1. I mean tbf, that's what a set bonus IS. But that said, set bonuses do intrinsically encourage completing and sticking to a single set. I could see the argument of simply not having set bonuses at all, as they may inadvertently discourage people from mixing and matching.
  2. Loved the stream! Regarding the new pipe weapons, would it be right to assume that the pipe shotgun is going to be an updated replacement for the blunderbuss? That's something I've been wanting to see for a while actually. And could this new tier of pipe weapons be a potential sign of scrap metal tools in the future as well? I really dig the idea of crude, salvage scrap crafting in the post-apocalypse setting.
  3. Of the complaints that I have, melee (combat at least) actually feels like it's fine imo. There's no point to using regular attacks, only use power attacks. Even level 1 wooden clubs kill stuff pretty easily. I'm currently using a level 1 sledgehammer with 2 ranks of skull crusher and I'm one-shotting the weaker zombies now.
  4. Overall been enjoying A17 a lot. The HD textures and new lighting, trader quests, party system and shared quests, dungeon POIs, new item quality system with mod slots, AI pathing, items going back to where they were when you get them back, power attacks, and etc are all fantastic changes! There's just a few things I personally don't like and find particularly frustrating. 1. Encumbrance system. I really don't enjoy encumbrance in almost any game, and it's no exception here. I dislike having my character movement slowed, I dislike being punished for looting in a heavily loot based game. I'd
  5. Disagree here. This isn't just about how much it breaks immersion, the power of shotguns in many video games is partly balanced by having long reloads. It doesn't have to be excruciating, they can make the loading of individual shells a bit faster to compensate some. But if you're going about blasting away left and right then you should be punished for it with a long reload. I consider the current reload nothing more than a compromise for easier animation since the game is in alpha, which is totally fine for now. Honestly the sawed-off should have a lower capacity as well for the sake of bo
  6. I really like the variable animation speeds for the guns, will that also work for melee weapons? Would be nice for modding in items using existing animations but wanting to tweak the attack speeds.
  7. Personally I think that among the biomes it's the wasteland and burnt forests that should be sub-biomes. They make the least sense to have as full sized biomes and are also just generally unpleasant visually. Plus it'd make those biomes easier to balance considering there's valuable resources in them if they were smaller in size. If removals are necessary for performance then I can understand it and there's not much to be done, it just stinks because variety has a lot of value to keep the game from getting boring and stale aesthetically.
  8. Not so much about it affecting the tone of the discussion, but because it's unreasonable to use realism of a certain depth as a focal point for argument in video games. Mainly because those deep levels of realism can't be applied to many other aspects of the game. It can be worth it to mention some of those points, but trying to make them the main focus isn't always the best route.
  9. Exactly why I don't like going too deep into arguments about realism in game design, because you can't apply that same level of depth to everything. I stick with simpler realism arguments, like how it's total nonsense that an auger can punch through stone and metal. I demand a jackhammer dangit!
  10. I can't speak for the majority but I can tell you that I definitely wouldn't. I started playing after the removal of the hunger/thirst bars and mini-map, so the current HUD is all I know. But while I call for hunger/thirst to be added now I'm also against a mini-map, and this is why I don't like bringing up ultra realism arguments into game design. I don't argue for hunger/thirst for realism (though I may argue against realism based counterargument points that don't make sense to me). I do so because I find it useful information for what I consider there to be no downside to having. Bu
  11. I think it'd be great to have two different HUD modes. 'Standard' with added hunger and thirst bars (and a temperature indicator would be nice), and a 'True Survivor' mode that disables nearly everything and relies on audio/visual cues and pop-up notifications.
  12. Come on man, now you're just trolling me. You trying to tell me it's easier to run all the way to my fridge and eat something, that I might not even need to eat, than it is to hit B? Which I'm arguing is already unnecessarily inconvenient for it's purpose and solution.
  13. By "current design" I'm referring more to the health and stamina bars along with the way that other information is displayed currently. If clutter were legitimately an issue then many other things right now would be bigger culprits. But since other things are presented in the way they are it is unjustified to use that specific reason to not include hunger and thirst. Of course I know you feel that it's all clutter, just pointing out that others can't say hunger and thirst is clutter if they're ok with all the other stuff. Starvation was never an issue for me to begin with, and I only just r
  14. Yeah similar to that. I mean I like the bars more, but if you went with a straight icon then that's what I'd prefer.
  15. I myself didn't like the exact way the status icons were made because they can be hard to read, but the concept still isn't bad imo. It'd be better if the icons had a circular gauge wrapped around them and separately color coded.
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