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  1. Looking for 1 player to chill with on this fine Saturday, I got a day 54 world in its early development, hmu GT: SlicerPizza, just let me know you are from here and please have a mic
  2. @clare, surely i deserve some kudos for this , it seems to be way more popular than the mods give me credit for
  3. I'll be on from 18:30 UK time. Day 127 , monster base that i need to sort SE side on but shouldnt take too long. I'd prefer a chill player with headset as i dont want to run around with a mute or a squeaker. 20+. I'll be on tonight and the majority of the weekend if people around , usually on till 3-4am on weekend lets go have a zombie party - ive got beers
  4. I think weirdly, you have inadvertently added me already Im SlicerPizza , i'll be on tonight fella ill ping you into the party when im on
  5. Yo man, cant garuntee i will have space all the time but you are welcome to join us. Im 30, not sure if im an Adult, guess legally i am but i just chill out with my mate on there, we have a pretty epic base that requires so daily maintenance then we tend to go off on an overnight loot run after a horde night - welcome to join anyway, usually on from about 7:30ish if not before (I'm UK too..)
  6. How could anyone resist such an offer
  7. wow! Stellar service Clare! Thanks very much for this
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