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  1. Did you happen to update windows to the 2004 build? I tried it out and it screwed up my sound and had to revert back to the previous build.
  2. That sounds amazing. I love the primitive weapons and having the ability to prolong that stage sounds ideal. Part of me will be sad when this game finally goes gold and we don't get a new version to try out.
  3. I really like the sound of this. The first week struggle to get up and running is my favorite part of the game.
  4. I played for maybe an hour and ran across 3 bears and 4 or 5 wolves (2 of which zombies killed before I could get to them) on my 2K run to a new trader.
  5. You might try setting your Texture Quality to half. This experimental is the first time I've had problems. I found that even using the Low Quality preset that my system crashes using full textures but half work fine. I can even turn everything to Ultra quality settings and my system will get a consistent 60 fps but I have to use half not full textures. So I have to thank you for your post as it has helped me figure out what was wrong on my end. Seems at some point I manually set my paging file. After setting it back to windows controlling it I seem to have no more issues. But you s
  6. Ok it isn't just me. We must have been giving them too many high quality reports for them to keep up
  7. I just found a pair of night vision goggles. I can't remember the last time I found a pair. Whatever you guys have done I love them. They work so good at night now. No longer on the hunt for a light mod for my cowboy hat which has become the norm.
  8. I can run the game on the Ultra Quality setting except for Texture Quality. That setting has to be at half textures for the game to run. That one setting is causing my game to crash immediately. I even set it to the Low settings and it will crash if using full textures. I always completely remove any mention of 7 Days or even Pimps from my computer before installing a new experimental. I've reinstalled once already which didn't help. Had zero problems with 18.4 and am going to try a few more things before submitting a ticket. For reference my specs are: GTX 1070 with 8GB i5-4670
  9. For the last few alphas I usually stop playing when I think a new alpha is a month or so away. In between Alphas it really depends on what new game comes out. But I always come back at some point.
  10. I like this much better than the old version. Only thing that I don't like is that everyone's name is white. Is that a limitation of the system or something that might be updated later?
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