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  1. Well that's that. Thank you! Any news is good news. Now we can all officially move on from console. Look forward to a new full game in a couple years for the kids to play on PS5. Will just have to break down and by a good gaming PC.
  2. Hi TFP, the players are still here. Have not posted in 6 months. I check the forums once every couple weeks for new info on the console situation. It is still my favorite game and holding strong for the console port to continue. Their might not be a bunch of activity on the console forum, but we are still here and waiting and not giving up hope on the best game out there. Thanks!
  3. Looks like the news is pretty grim for the console edition. I play the PC version but also own it on PS4. My 10 year old son and i play it on console together all the time. I have been following this since the news was released and waiting for the new update. I just do not see this ending well for the console edition. My son keeps asking when the new update is coming. I broke the news to him after i read TFP update on it. After reading this update, in my gut i really think the consloe version is pretty much done. I hope i am wrong, but the news is not good.
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