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  1. cool thanks i value my screenspace on my old 1366x768 dino screen XD
  2. i love the mod but damn the UI is out there xD not horrid but not very sleek edit~ i think the colors are cool custom icons are great but the main ui layout is a bit off not like it's ugly but i think a edited customized SMX ui or something would be cool, or slim the current ui down a bit would throw you off less it feels like it fills the screen to much.
  3. seems like alot of work but i agree it is a good idea to start anew not impossible.
  4. i know its not anyone else's problem but i play on a potato pc ( cant afford a new one atm) is this near the same as the sdx version, i tried the SDX edition but this darn pc just freezes up on me. i know cant play fav's or fix it for everyone single person but if you can keep this one alive to it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. sounds good, think it maybe good if they are not able to walk through the base then them numbers are not bad.
  6. should work in smx dude would be sweet
  7. not bad but may make bases useless - - - Updated - - - Stainless Steel 2250 would become the only useful block for semi long term use unless you nerf the zeds
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